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ELECTRICAL LANGUAGE Independent British Synth Pop 78-84

From Cherry Red Records, the makers of the ‘Close To The Noise Floor’ trilogy showcasing formative and experimental electronic music from the UK, Europe and North America, comes their most accessible electronic collection yet. Subtitled ‘Independent British Synth Pop 78-84’, ‘Electrical Language’ is a boxed set covering the post-punk period when all that synthesizer experimentation and noise terrorism morphed into pop. This was pop in a very loose manner with melodies, riffs and danceable rhythms. Largely eschewing the guitar and the drum kit, this was a fresh movement which sprung from a generation haunted by the spectre of the Cold War, Mutually Assured Destruction and the Winter of Discontent. Continue Reading ›

TWINS NATALIA The Destiny Room

TWINS NATALIA The Destiny RoomFollowing the outstanding debut single ‘When We Were Young’ b/w ‘Kleiner Satellit’ in 2008, TWINS NATALIA have finally released their first album ‘The Destiny Room’. Touchingly melancholic with classic Weimar Cabaret melodies and vibrant Kling Klang interplay, the soundtrack conjures memories of holiday romances with pretty German Frauleins and flirty French mademoiselles. Continue Reading ›


TWINS NATALIA are an Anglo-German collective working together in order to create some beautiful, catchy yet melancholic and substantial electropop. In 2008, this ensemble issued a fabulous single ‘When We Were Young’ b/w ‘Kleiner Satellit’. Releasing their work on the European conglomerate Anna Logue Records, TWINS NATALIA’s only other recording so far has been the gorgeously sequenced ‘Destiny’. Continue Reading ›