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Introducing POLYCHROME

POLYCHROME describe themselves as “Neon Segawave”, probably an apt term of reference given their flirtations with synthwave and dreampop. Fronted by the angelic presence of Victoria Harrison, she is ably partnered by Oliver Price and both contribute vocals as well as production. “We love it Lo-Fi, old drum machines, vintage microphones and Sega Mega drives!” the duo say, affirming their more rustic approach to electronic pop. Continue Reading ›

Introducing SOL FLARE

SOL FLARE are the up-and-coming London based trio comprising of Jenny Jones, Dominic Wood and Matt Marlow who recently unleashed their first single ‘Easy Line’. While Wood’s lush electronics and drum machine beats provide the vital musical backbone to SOL FLARE, it is Jones’ magnificent voice, ranging from a piercing high soprano down to a powerful contralto growl reminiscent of Rindy Ross from Portland soft rockers QUATERFLASH, which gives them their USP. Continue Reading ›

TEC’s 2015 End Of Year Review

System100 CakeThe user manual for the Roland System 100 semi-modular synthesizer profoundly stated “there are no illegal connections…” - and in modern electronic music, that is still the case with the accomplished artists of today very much connected to the synth pioneers of yesteryear like KRAFTWERK, OMD, DEPECHE MODE and THE HUMAN LEAGUE. 2014 was a comparatively lean 12 months, but this year found many veterans returning to the fold. Continue Reading ›


priest-album-cover-640x581PRIEST were introduced to The Electricity Club’s readers a few months ago after mentions in many 2014 end of year polls. And now after just over a year, their new, self-titled album is finally out. The Orlando based duo consisting of the dainty singer and keyboard player Madeline Priest and producer and guitarist David Kazyk formed in 2013. Madeline has described the production as "dreamy-kind of up in the clouds". Continue Reading ›

Introducing PRIEST

Priest-JenniferMedina-2015-Press-2From Orlando come forth PRIEST, the slinky project of vocalist / keyboardist Madeline Priest and producer / guitarist David Kazyk. Forming in 2013, they soon developed a gorgeous Scandipop influenced sound. The dreamy ‘Samurai’ title track from their 2014 debut EP was wonderful honey coated bliss that recalled the best of Canadian contemporaries ELECTRIC YOUTH. With their debut album soon to be unleashed, the pair have now released ‘The Game’ as a trailer. Continue Reading ›