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CLAUDIA BRUCKEN Where ElseIn a career of thirty years, CLAUDIA BRÜCKEN has released just seven full length albums including what turned out to be one-offs with PROPAGANDA, ACT and ONETWO. Her third solo album ‘Where Else…’ sees a development of the more conventional musical template showcased on 2012’s ‘The Lost Are Found’. New collaborators always bring fresh results and it would appear ‘Where Else…’ is a reaction to the synthetic nature of ONETWO. None more so than with the superb lead single ‘Nevermind’. Continue Reading ›

DIE KRUPPS Interview

Metall Maschinen Musik veterans DIE KRUPPS are to play two dates in the UK this August as part of the second leg of their European tour focussing on Scandinavia and festivals in Germany. The 25th anniversary of DIE KRUPPS in 2005 saw original members Jürgen Engler and Ralf Dörper play festivals across Europe, leading to where they are today with ‘The Machinists Of Joy’. Ralf Dörper kindly spoke to The Electricity Club as they prepared for the next leg of their aural assault. Continue Reading ›

DIE KRUPPS Nazis Auf Speed

Metall Maschinen Musik veterans DIE KRUPPS have just unveiled a controversial new video for ‘Nazis Auf Speed’, a track from their latest album ‘The Machinists Of Joy’. The lyrics reflect on how The Third Reich aspired to victory at all costs and gave out drugs to their troops including speed in the form of Pervitin. However, despite its provocative title, DIE KRUPPS point out that they “condemn fascism and drug abuse!” Continue Reading ›


Following her Arrival in 2011, QUEEN OF HEARTS graced the world earlier this year with a brilliantly glitzy slice of electro schaffel entitled ‘Neon’ that managed to out Goldfrapp GOLDFRAPP. Continuing her reign, QUEEN OF HEARTS’ wonderful new single is the impressively tribal ‘Warrior’, an epically orchestrated production from the mine of DIAMOND CUT and sounding like KYLIE if she had been weaned on PROPAGANDA's 'A Secret Wish'. Continue Reading ›


‘The Lost Are Found’ is an emotive body of songs, each from their very own world, but together blending to form an eleven episode triste drame. Claudia told The Electricity Club back in July: “The theme is melancholy songs…they’re sad but they don’t make you slash your wrists. I recorded it in four months with Stephen Hague and we had this real clear vision of what we wanted to do”. Continue Reading ›

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