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ALAN WILDER Discusses Spirit Of Talk Talk

Alan Wilder has been acting as the musical and production supervisor for 'Spirit Of Talk Talk', a double tribute album celebrating the visionary band who released a series of highly regarded albums. There will also be a richly illustrated, accompanying book by Chris Roberts, tracing TALK TALK’s evolution. Alan Wilder took time out from his schedule preparing the Recoil Blu-ray to chat about one of his favourite bands.. Continue Reading ›


Electronic Phuture Review posterOn Friday 29th July 2011, a stellar line-up was assembled at the Royal Festival Hall in London for the 'Electronic Phuture Revue' curated by Mark Jones and Martyn Ware. It featured HEAVEN 17, THOMAS DOLBY, ONETWO, MIRRORS, MOTOR and RECOIL. The live performances also included a number of songs that had been made famous by THE HUMAN LEAGUE, OMD, PROPAGANDA and DEPECHE MODE. However, one of the best synthpop events to have been ever held on British soil was clouded by poor attendance, due to a misguided, over ambitious pricing policy on the part of hosts The Vintage Festival. Continue Reading ›


=alan2In 1982, when young ALAN WILDER answered an advertisement in Melody Maker, it would prove to be a life-changing moment. In September, fans will be able to bid for their own piece DEPECHE MODE or RECOIL history, when Wilder auctions a large collection of his studio equipment, vinyl and memorabilia. ALAN WILDER kindly took time out of his busy schedule to talk to The Electricity Club about RECOIL, DEPECHE MODE and his forthcoming auction. Continue Reading ›


FLETCHMikeCooperSome of the most successful and influential underground acts of the last 30 years performed over the two day programme at Short Circuit Presents Mute, curated by the innovative independent record label started by Daniel Miller in 1978 to originally release his single 'Warm Leatherette' / 'T.V.O.D.'under the moniker of THE NORMAL. But added to that was a unique and possibly equally exciting lecture series featuring production luminaries including Gareth Jones and Flood. Continue Reading ›

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