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Standalone-singlesThe single is the lifeblood of pop music, serving the purpose of a trailer to an artist’s new album or as an entity on its own. The non-album single first came to prominence with THE BEATLES and THE WALKER BROTHERS. All the singles listed here were released in 7 inch format and not included on any of the artist’s original edition albums in the UK. So here are The Electricity Club’s 25 Classic Standalone Synth Singles. Continue Reading ›

The Electronic Legacy of MUTE RECORDS

MUTE thumbnailWithout doubt, Mute Records is one of the most important record labels in the history of electronic music. While the early electronic legacy of Virgin Records helped the genre gain its first foothold in the mainstream, the discerning ethos of Mute has maintained its presence in both pop and more experimental fields. So what twenty albums or EPs best represent Mute’s electronic legacy? With a restriction of one release per artist moniker, here are The Electricity Club’s choices. Continue Reading ›


SIN COS TAN are Jori Hulkkonen and Juho Paalosmaa, two leading exponents of the Finnish electronic music scene. Hulkkonen is the seasoned production hand while Paalosmaa is the vocalist and songwriter from VILLA NAH. Their manifesto is to be "a synthesized duo of great promise, broken dreams, and long nights”. SIN COS TAN’s debut album impresses with a rich filmic quality permeating amongst all the synths and drum machines.  Continue Reading ›

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