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KARIN PARK Apocalypse Pop

KARIN PARK ApocalypsePopLet’s face it, 2012’s ‘Highwire Poetry’ was always going to be a pretty damn hard act to follow, arguably one of the best electronic pop albums from the last five years. This brings us to Park’s fifth album and second for Portsmouth-based label State of the Eye: ‘Apocalypse Pop’. The temptation would have probably been to stick with the format that worked so well on album four, but Park’s new set of songs has a distinctly different sound and vibe to them. Continue Reading ›

The Electricity Club’s 30 SONGS OF 2014

wasp TECWith a less intense release schedule than last year, it was a bit more straightforward for The Electricity Club to choose its songs of 2014. Whereas 2013 had a short list of 45 songs, 2014 was closer to 35 although not the struggle to find 30 as was the case in 2012. As usual, they are listed in alphabetical order and all have been released either in physical formats, or digitally as purchasable or free downloads during the calendar year. Here are TEC’s 30 Songs of 2014. Continue Reading ›

RÖYKSOPP The Inevitable End

Royksopp-TheInevitable-artWith a typical gap of 4-5 years between most of their albums, RÖYKSOPP fans would certainly feel like its birthday and Christmas arriving all at once with the release of ‘The Inevitable End’. The new collection comes hot on the heels of the ROBYN collaboration mini-album ‘Do It Again’. In the accompanying press release, ‘The Inevitable End’ (the clue’s in the title) has been announced as the final RÖYKSOPP album. Continue Reading ›


The dream team of RÖYKSOPP & ROBYN have worked together before with ROBYN guesting on the 2009 single ‘The Girl and the Robot’ and then the Norwegian duo produced ‘None Of Dem’ for her 2010 ‘Body Talk’ project. This time around there are five new tracks to appreciate which range from the more adventurous/experimental (‘Monument’) through to out-and-out dancefloor electronica (‘Do It Again’) and with two tracks clocking in at nearly ten minutes, you are given value for money with the music on offer here. Continue Reading ›

Introducing CHVRCHES

CHVRCHES’ brilliant first single ‘Lies’ is like ‘The Whole Of The Moon’ re-imagined by GARY NUMAN but fronted by ROBYN. It’s all driving electronic drums, meaty piercing synths, powerful vocals and a forlorn gothic demeanour but most importantly, 'Lies' has a tune!! Influences such as LAURIE ANDERSON, DEPECHE MODE and danceable pop music form part of CHVRCHES’ artistic vision. Continue Reading ›

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