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The Sound of SONNY ERIK$$ON

SONNY ERIK$$ON is the Teddy Boy Timelord who fuses rockabilly with the futuristic electronic sounds of today and beyond... Armed with a laptop and a Gretsch guitar, this Cyberbilly template on this debut album inevitably comes over like a quirky blend of SUICIDE, SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIK and BILLY IDOL. ‘Pleasurama’ is a superb opening number, like Gene Vincent gigging in an outer space jungle as interpreted by the one-time William Michael Albert Broad if he had joined THE SILICON TEENS. Continue Reading ›

A Beginner’s Guide To GIORGIO MORODER

donna-summer-giorgio-moroderThere has been a resurgent interest in the work of GIORGIO MORODER thanks to his own life story being appropriately set to music by DAFT PUNK. But it was DONNA SUMMER’s ‘I Feel Love’ that brought the legendary producer to the world’s attention. Here are twenty pieces of interest that tell the story of the pioneer’s creative journey in electronics with a nomination restriction of one track per project but also omitting some of his more obvious hits which the world already knows and loves. Continue Reading ›