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When Valerie Renay of NOBLESSE OBLIGE decides to release a solo project, she creates “music for fast moving clouds”. NOBLESSE OBLIGE's last album 'Affair Of The Heart' in 2013 featured a stark funereal cover of 'Hotel California', while the duo also opened for IAMX. Conceived in a moment of deep transition, ‘Your Own Shadow’ is an amalgamation of organically developed raw sounds, haunting vocals and tribal inserts, enveloped in delicious synth and simplistic melodies. Continue Reading ›

KELLI ALI Interview

KELLI ALI first came to public attention as the lead singer of SNEAKER PIMPS. Their debut album ‘Becoming X’ featured the hit singles ‘6 Underground’ and ‘Spin Spin Sugar’. Since her first solo album ‘Tigermouth’ in 2003, KELLI ALI has recorded a further four records in her own name. She kindly answered a few questions from The Electricity Club about her new project ‘Ghostdriver’ as well as reflecting on her career and continuing development as an artist... Continue Reading ›


I AM SNOW ANGEL DesertThe 1980 Winter Olympics took place in beautifully picturesque setting of Lake Placid. It is fitting that an ice maiden Julie Kathryn, who was born and bred in the very place, would call herself I AM SNOW ANGEL. Her first long player 'Crocodile' was fantasy inspired, centring around the "predator and prey". 'Desert' is her newest EP, where Kathryn is "continuing to explore the subtle complexities of desire, passion and longing". Continue Reading ›

IAMX Metanoia

IAMX MetanoiaArtists express themselves using music all the time. However, only a true embodiment of a genuine performer can shock, move, enlighten and create consternation. Chris Corner's "public therapy" and "an excuse to play with who he is, exploring certain parts of his personality, which he doesn't get to explore in everyday life" is what IAMX materialises. The name of the project, I am X, was a continuation of SNEAKER PIMPS' album 'Becoming X'. Continue Reading ›

KELLI ALI Band Of Angels

Kelli Ali - Band Of AngelsKELLI ALI is probably best known as the voice of SNEAKER PIMPS’ hit singles ‘Spin Spin Sugar’ and ‘6 Underground’. Her new album ‘Band Of Angels’ has been crowd funded via Pledge Music. The result is a beautiful hybrid of electronic and classical music with Ali’s distinctive voice as its emotional centre, expression that is reflectively KATE BUSH, GOLDFRAPP, BAT FOR LASHES and JULEE CRUISE in various measures. Continue Reading ›

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