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SOULWAX Live at O2 Manchester Ritz

Manchester’s Ritz is an iconic venue for the city. Before Belgium’s SOULWAX even played a note tonight, the stage set was a synthspotter’s wet dream. A beautifully monochromatic and almost perfectly symmetrical set-up boasting an incredible array of mainly vintage equipment including an EMS Synthi A, ARP 2600 (with custom red LEDs on the sliders), ARP Odyssey, Oberheim 2 Voice and a Macbeth modular being amongst the gear on display. More Inside ›

SOULWAX From Deewee

‘From Deewee’ is the first studio album from Belgium’s SOULWAX in twelve years, the core of the act are brothers Stephen and David Dewaele and their return has seen a shift towards using more real drums, employing JAMIE T’s Victoria Smith, TURBO WOLF’s Blake Davies and SEPULTURA’s Igor Cavelera to help achieve this vision. The usage of live / acoustic drums with electronic music has often been a contentious issue amongst the synthpop fraternity. More Inside ›

Lost Albums: SPLEEN UNITED School of Euphoria

SPLEEN UNITED school_of_euphoriaDenmark’s SPLEEN UNITED somehow never quite managed to break through the glass ceiling of widespread electronic music popularity - being blessed with the kind of misrepresentative band name which conjured images of a third division UK punk band arguably didn’t help their cause either. ‘School of Euphoria’ was the follow up to 2011’s ‘Neanderthal’, a somewhat muted sequel to the sparkling electro-pop debut of ‘Godspeed Into The Mainstream’. More Inside ›


BATTLE TAPES tourLos Angeles band BATTLE TAPES have managed to inject a well-needed energy boost into a scene which was sorely lacking an act that could deliver a hybrid rock / electronic / dance sound. Taking their cues from several favourite TEC artists, Josh Boardman (vocals / guitar / synth), Riley Mackin (synths / programming / vocals) kindly spoke to The Electricity Club about the challenge of integrating electronic elements with live ones and how BATTLE TAPES tick. More Inside ›


BATTLE TAPES-PolygonLet's set one thing straight first, any band that has a song in their catalogue called ‘Sweatshop Boys’ is bound to have some sort of potential and thankfully BATTLE TAPES have come storming out of the blocks with a fine debut album in ‘Polygon’. Although the said Tennant / Lowe parodying song is not present here, there are ten tracks which do an excellent job at filling an electronic musical void that's existed for quite a while now. More Inside ›