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RUSTY EGAN Interview

The one thing that Rusty Egan is not short of is something to say. Loud and frank, not always subtle and occasionally angry, but always interesting and lively, his anecdotes combine laughter, tears and a vivid eye-witness account of his role as a catalyst in popular culture over the past four decades. The resultant career spanning conversation was far too enthusiastic amusing and informative not to make public, so this is Rusty talking, with only a few edits to stop him from going to jail… Continue Reading ›


JeanMichelJarreAfter JEAN MICHEL JARRE's ‘Oxygène IV’ became a Top 5 hit in the Autumn of 1977, the synth instrumental became a popular medium. But coinciding with accessibility of affordable synthesizers, instrumentals were seen by some as a cop out for a B-side or album filler. A bridge between pop and experimentation, here are twenty five other instrumentals from the classic era. Continue Reading ›