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A Beginner’s Guide To CLAUDIA BRÜCKEN

act_claudiaWith her distinctive ice maiden delivery, CLAUDIA BRÜCKEN is the undoubted queen of cinematic avant pop. She first came to prominence with PROPAGANDA and the Trevor Horn produced film noir drama of ‘Dr Mabuse’. Although her catalogue is wide and varied, she is perhaps still very much regarded as a cult figure on the music scene. The Electricity Club offers a twenty track Beginner’s Guide to her work… Continue Reading ›

A Beginner’s Guide To TREVOR HORN

TREVOR HORNTrevor Horn is a producer who can be said to have shaped modern pop music. In 1981, Horn started a run of producing and co-writing four singles for pop duo DOLLAR; this attracted the attention of NME journalist Paul Morley and they would later establish the ZTT label Listing some of his more interesting adventures in modern recording, The Electricity Club chooses eighteen works from Trevor Horn that fit closest to its ethos. Continue Reading ›


SJLipson B&WcropStephen J Lipson, both individually and in collaboration with Trevor Horn, has been responsible for some of the most iconic-sounding electronic-based musical productions over the last 30 years. Alongside Trevor Horn, he was an integral part of the ZTT Records sound and has also produced for PET SHOP BOYS, SIMPLE MINDS, ANNIE LENNOX, SOPHIE B HAWKINS, PHARRELL WILLIAMS and ULTRAVOX amongst others. He kindly spoke to The Electricity Club about elements of his glittering career. Continue Reading ›


PROPAGANDA release a compilation of their best known material from their time on ZTT, the erstwhile label run by producer Trevor Horn, his wife Jill Sinclair and conceptualist Paul Morley that also gave the world FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD and THE ART OF NOISE. With the release of ‘Noise & Girls Come Out To Play’, Ralf Dörper kindly spoke to The Electricity Club about his time with PROPAGANDA. Continue Reading ›


THE ART OF NOISE & PROPAGANDA, the two influential ZTT acts that are forever associated with this pioneering phase of electronic music have new deluxe packages available. THE ART OF NOISE were named after the futurist essay 'The Art Of Noises' by Luigi Russolo. Meanwhile Düsseldorf's PROPAGANDA were the proto LADYTRON or ABBA in Hell! Continue Reading ›

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