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STEVEN JONES & LOGAN SKY Hans und Lieselotte

Steven Jones met Logan Sky through the legendary Steve Strange, both being mutual friends of the late singer. They've recorded numerous EPs and the long player ‘Corrupt State’, which featured Strange before his untimely demise. The beginning of 2018 brings ‘Hans und Lieselotte’. The album was recorded in one week and it represents “a new collection of shimmering electronics and the result of a dynamic musical experiment, an honouring of the random creative impulse.” Continue Reading ›

A Beginner’s Guide To MIDGE URE

MIDGE URE needs no introduction as one of the UK’s most highly regarded songwriters and musicians. Having become fascinated by KRAFTWERK when they hit the UK charts with ‘Autobahn’ in 1975, he purchased his first synth, a Yamaha CS50 in 1977. Best known for his involvement in ULTRAVOX and VISAGE, The Electricity Club looks back at MIDGE URE’s great adventure in electronic music via this twenty track Beginner’s Guide, with a restriction of one track per album / project Continue Reading ›

MIDGE URE Interview

+MidgeUre2015 - thumbLike many graduates of Synth Britannia, MIDGE URE first became interested in electronic music when KRAFTWERK’s ‘Autobahn’ hit the UK singles charts in 1975. But for 2015, 20 years on from its original release, Ure is performing his fourth solo album ‘Breathe’ its entirety as part of an ongoing concert tour. He kindly took time out from rehearsals and chatted about the ‘Breathe Again’ tour, ULTRAVOX, VISAGE and much more… Continue Reading ›

Lost Albums: VISAGE The Anvil

By the time that VISAGE’s second album ‘The Anvil’ came out in Spring 1982, things were very different for the cast who had produced the eponymous debut started in 1979, and which in early 1981 spawned the massive European hit ‘Fade To Grey’. In many respects, it was unsurprising that ‘The Anvil’ appeared to lack the focus of its predecessor, but it was still a very good record. The synthesized European romanticism that had dominated the ‘Visage’ debut was omnipresent, especially with the lavish monochromatic Helmut Newton cover photograph. But a funkier perspective had been introduced to proceedings. Continue Reading ›

STEVE STRANGE 1959 – 2015

BlitzSteve2011aSTEVE STRANGE, lead vocalist of VISAGE and the face of the New Romantic movement has sadly passed away, aged 55. A statement on the VISAGE Facebook page said: “We are extremely saddened to announce that Steve Strange died at 11.15 local time on Thursday 12th February, in Sharm El Sheik International Hospital, Egypt. Steve died in his sleep, of Heart Failure. Steve's family, band members and friends are all distraught at this sudden news of his untimely death...” Continue Reading ›

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