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30 Lost Art School Bops Of The Digital Era

Here are 30 songs which may have escaped attention as the world went grunge and then had an ongoing hangover in the wake of Britpop. Denied mainstream recognition and now lost when looking from a UK perspective even within the dwindling synth music community, these offerings come from artists who have mostly remained in total obscurity. Starting from 1992 when the CD established itself as the dominant format to the year before TEC came into being, here are 30 Lost Art School Bops. Continue Reading ›


petshopboys-superIt is debatable whether number thirteen will be lucky or not so much for PET SHOP BOYS, but after the album number twelve, 'Electric' in 2013, with its return to the good old, if ever so slightly camp (of course!) electronica, one expects perfection. 'Electric' raised the bar, mainly thanks to the superb production by Stuart Price, restoring the belief that PSB still had it. And now comes 'Super'. Continue Reading ›

NEW ORDER Music Complete

new-order_music-completeThe troubles in the NEW ORDER camp and the acrimony between Peter Hook and his ex-bandmates have managed to rack up plenty of column inches. So now with a new record deal with Mute Artists, it's an ideal opportunity for Bernard Sumner and his colleagues (old and new) to prove that after a couple of "so-so" albums, that they still have some creative fire left in them and are able to function without their founder member and bassist. Continue Reading ›

An Interview with WALL OF SOUND’s Mark Jones

Mark Jones Portrait ShootBig corporations may have a stranglehold on the modern music industry, but it’s the genuine music enthusiasts with their independent labels and knowledge who feed it by their intuition to recognise talent. With Wall Of Sound now celebrating their 21st Anniversary with a compilation entitled ‘Walls Have Ears - 21 Years Of Wall Of Sound’ featuring the label’s highlights and previously unreleased BBC sessions, label impresario Mark Jones chatted to The Electricity Club. Continue Reading ›


pet-shop-boys-electricAm not going to lie… the last PSB’s last long player 'Elysium' pretty much sent me to sleep! It was a mid-paced, almost (dying) swansong of an album that felt bereft of energy and spark. Thankfully, this time around on 'Electric', Neil and Chris have taken note of some of the negative feedback surrounding that album, drafted in Stuart Price as producer and have blown away the cobwebs to produce what could be seen as a Yang to the Yin of 'Elysium'. Continue Reading ›