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Five Years of TEC: 25 Favourite Artist Introductions 2010 – 2014

TEC 5 years-02When The Electricity Club became reality on 13th March 2010, it was on the back of a resurgence in electronic pop music. TEC’s ‘Introducing…’ feature was a platform to showcase promising new talent within the genre and proved that electronic music had not been killed off by Britpop. So here are TEC’s 25 favourite artist introductions, listed in the chronological order that they were originally featured on the site. Continue Reading ›

The Electricity Club’s 2010 End Of Year Review

thurts2010 saw the return of the male synthpop act, smart boys with their toys and their nods towards the classic era of Synth Britannia. Leading the way were VILLA NAH and MIRRORS who both fused quality songs with vintage sounds and crisp contemporary percussive frameworks. Meanwhile HURTS, the enigmatic duo who many predicted for major success in 2010, rattled the cages of the style over substance brigade. Continue Reading ›


The Electricity Club admits it didn't find the music of SUNDAY GIRL immediately appealing. Her first couple of pleasant offerings appeared to showcase her out as a model with ambitions to become the next ELLIE GOULDING. But her new single 'Stop Hey!' and songs from her album sampler sent out to music journalists revealed her to be a darker, more interesting proposition altogether... like a 21st Century DOT ALLISON with touches of BAT FOR LASHES and EMILIE SIMON. Continue Reading ›

Introducing SUNDAY GIRL

Jade Williams got her stage name from a part time job she had in a pet shop where she was known simply as SUNDAY GIRL. So is she a Pet Shop Girl? No, she hints at something much darker although the suspicion that’s she’s just a model trying her hand at a pop career still looms. But her new single ‘Stop Hey!’ is kooky and stylish avant pop. This is music to crumble to while smoking a Gauloises alone in a Paris cafe. Continue Reading ›