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LoweSumnerMarrTennantArtist collaborations can be seen in several ways. They are either a chance to take the best elements of great bands to form an even greater supergroup, or as has happened in many cases, there is a watering down of prime concepts which results in a fragmented mess of little interest to anyone. So here are 25 artist collaborations that actually worked. Over more recent years, there appears to have been much freedom for artists to collaborate. Continue Reading ›

A Beginner’s Guide To BRIAN ENO

ENO-minimoog-AKSElectronic innovator and ambient godfather BRIAN ENO’s vast career has crossed genres, styles and instrumentation. Eno’s influence in the studio has been significant, even when not actually behind the desk. So what material would serve as an introduction to his varied career as a recording artist, producer, remixer and collaborative muse? Here are eighteen affectionately chosen examples from The Electricity Club. Continue Reading ›

MIRRORS This Year, Next Year, Sometime…?

You can’t keep a good band down. Following the Autumn departure of founder member Ally Young and a parting of ways with Skint Records, MIRRORS are back with an independently distributed EP of new material and previously unreleased home demos, snappily titled 'This Year, Next Year, Sometime…?'  Their debut album 'Lights & Offerings' was voted Favourite Album of 2011 in The Electricity Club's End of Year Facebook poll by its loyal readership. Continue Reading ›

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