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GRAINGERBOY Vintage (Jagz Kooner remix)

‘Vintage’ is the current single by Leeds electronic music producer Simon Grainger aka GRAINGERBOY. He was a member of ELECTRIC BOUTIQUE who had a Top 40 hit ‘Revelation’ in 2000 and played live with Ibiza sunset band A MAN CALLED ADAM. Remixed by Jagz Kooner, one time member of SABRES OF PARADISE and THE ALOOF whose additional credits have also included ONE DOVE and LADYTRON, the immediately appealing ‘Vintage’ features a great electronic bass pulse and rousing chorus as if HOT CHIP met PET SHOP BOYS at Matter… basically, it’s ready for the floor. Continue Reading ›

Lost Albums: ONE DOVE Morning Dove White

ONE DOVE were a moody Glaswegian trio comprised of Ian Carmichael, Jim McKinven and Dot Allison. McKinven was best known for his stint in ALTERED IMAGES. Producer Andrew Weatherall signed them to his Junior Boys Own label after hearing their independently released single 'Fallen' and became involved in the recording process. Seasoned by the icy but angelic voice of Dot Allison, it was something truly unique in the sphere of post Acid House electronic dance music. Continue Reading ›