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Australian Penelope Trappes joined Ohio-born synth programmer Stephen Hindman in New York before relocating to London. Their first album ‘Voluspa’ showed some integral songwriting knowledge, with well-placed singles such as ‘Solid Gold’, ‘Thunderbird’ and ‘Hide Me’. The second long player proper ‘Still // Alone’ showed further potential with its undiluted grown up timeless synthscapes and this summer celebrates ten years of the couple’s musical endeavours with ‘Autonomy’. Continue Reading ›

The Electricity Club’s 30 SONGS OF 2017

It was a year when the veterans re-established their standing within electronic pop. That was not to that comparatively newer acts weren’t making a good impression, it was just that a fair number of established acts gave their all and were producing some of their best work since their imperial heyday. So restricted to purchasable releases only and one song per artist moniker, here are The Electricity Club’s 30 Songs Of 2017… Continue Reading ›


Coming from a background in electro-disco, the Australia meets America duo, THE GOLDEN FILTER have more of a Scandinavian synth sound. Their first album 'Voluspa' proved to be an excellent example of electronic dance knowhow, with magnificent singles such as 'Solid Gold’, ‘Thunderbird’ and ‘Hide Me’. The pair are back with a worthy follow-up 'Still//Alone'. Continue Reading ›


'Volupsa' is the impressive new album by THE GOLDEN FILTER. Based in New York, they consist of Aussie vocalist Penelope Trappes and synth programmer Stephen Hindman from Ohio. While they may reside in the spiritual home of electro-disco, THE GOLDEN FILTER are melodically more rooted in Northern Europe. Indeed the album title comes from the ancient Nordic poem 'Voluspa'. Continue Reading ›