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KARIN PARK Apocalypse Pop

KARIN PARK ApocalypsePopLet’s face it, 2012’s ‘Highwire Poetry’ was always going to be a pretty damn hard act to follow, arguably one of the best electronic pop albums from the last five years. This brings us to Park’s fifth album and second for Portsmouth-based label State of the Eye: ‘Apocalypse Pop’. The temptation would have probably been to stick with the format that worked so well on album four, but Park’s new set of songs has a distinctly different sound and vibe to them. Continue Reading ›


iamamiwhoami;_BLUEFirst launched via a set of mysterious viral videos, IAMAMIWHOAMI helmed by vocalist Jonna Lee and producer Claes Björklund premiered a delightfully odd BJÖRK-like cinematic sound that was enjoyed by the electronic music cognoscenti. Following their first full length album ‘Kin’, IAMAMIWHOAMI have now birthed ‘Blue’, a natural progression rather than a volte-face. Continue Reading ›

GAZELLE TWIN Discusses Unflesh

Gazelle Twin press image 12 by Esther SpringettlGAZELLE TWIN premiered her new album ‘Unflesh’ with a special performance at Birthdays in London’s trendy Dalston district. The live presentation showcased a heavier sound that has distinctly moved away from the cinematic hauntronica of debut album ‘The Entire City’ and interim EP ‘Mammal’. With the release of the 'Anti Body' EP, Elizabeth Bernholz kindly spoke with The Electricity Club before her ‘Unflesh’ showcase to discuss her latest incarnation of expression. Continue Reading ›

KARIN PARK Live at The Lexington

Karin-park-live1KARIN PARK first found fame in Norway with her 2004 debut 'Superworldunknown'. Co-produced and mixed by Christoffer Berg whose credits include THE KNIFE, FEVER RAY and DEPECHE MODE, it has been a steady burner embraced through word of mouth. But even this combination of industrial, dubstep, ambient and synthpop couldn’t prepare for the spectacle of a KARIN PARK live show. Continue Reading ›

THE KNIFE Shaking The Habitual

THE KNIFE Shaking The HabitualWhile Alison Goldfrapp has been the most influential female figure in electronic pop over the last ten years, it’s been Karin Dreijer Andersson who has been the heroine for those seeking much darker, idiosyncratic values. Her solo vehicle FEVER RAY has gained critical acclaim and fulfilled her more atonal aspirations with drones and sonic witchcraft emanating from the coven. ‘Shaking The Habitual' sees Dreijer Andersson return to THE KNIFE in partnership with her brother Olof Dreijer. Continue Reading ›

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