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Five Years of TEC: 25 Favourite Artist Introductions 2010 – 2014

TEC 5 years-02When The Electricity Club became reality on 13th March 2010, it was on the back of a resurgence in electronic pop music. TEC’s ‘Introducing…’ feature was a platform to showcase promising new talent within the genre and proved that electronic music had not been killed off by Britpop. So here are TEC’s 25 favourite artist introductions, listed in the chronological order that they were originally featured on the site. Continue Reading ›


vn_fracturedTHE VANITY CLAUSE’s 'Fractured' is a collection of songs that combine the eclectic tastes of their core duo Russell Harris and Louisa Strachan. Add in some moog madness and what you have is a unique listening experience that connects organic reflection with technological tension. The Electricity Club spoke to Russ and Lou about Fractured’s genesis, their spirit of independence and why despite attitudes in Britain, electro is here to stay. Continue Reading ›


vanityOriginally a duo consisting of David Woods and Russell Harris, THE VANITY CLAUSE were in various rock bands until the chance acquisition of various vintage synths, courtesy of an emigrating pal. However, THE VANITY CLAUSE were open to new directions so recruited vocalist and synth girl Louisa Strachan to augment the line-up. The result? Songs that combined their original systematic edge with a romantic warmth... a system of romance if you will! Continue Reading ›