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A Beginner’s Guide To JOHN FRYER

John Fryer studioHaving started his career at London's Blackwing Studios in 1980 as an assistant engineer, John Fryer had a very basic knowledge of recording technology. Employed by Eric Radcliffe, he promptly progressed from engineering into production. With a restriction of one track per album project, here are The Electricity Club’s eighteen songs choices in its Beginner’s Guide to the studio legend that is John Fryer, with additional choice commentary from the man himself. Continue Reading ›

MURICIDAE Tears Are Stronger Than Waves

MURICIDAE Tears Are Stronger Than WavesIt truly is amazing when one producer can cut his teeth into so many projects at the same time and turn out superb gems at the highest level. John Fryer has gone and done just that. Earlier this year we were treated to his first EP under the MURICIDAE umbrella with LA based Louise Fraser as well as the 'Soft Landing' LP with Pinky Turzo as SILVER GHOST SHIMMER. Now, the genius plates up 'Tears Are Stronger Than Waves' only three months after its predecessor. Continue Reading ›


muricidae3“Oceanic auralgasms” is how ethereal dream pop duo MURICIDAE describe their sound. Yet another project from studio legend John Fryer, the musical template of MURICIDAE perhaps harks back to his work with THIS MOTRAL COIL, the 4AD art collective which at various times included COCTEAU TWINS’ Elizabeth Fraser on vocals. MURICIDAE though features the exquisite, angelic vocals of LA based song siren Louise Fraser, who incidentally is no relation to Elizabeth. Continue Reading ›


SILVER GHOST SHIMMER coVerHaving produced, engineered and worked with the likes of FAD GADGET, YAZOO, COCTEAU TWINS, NINE INCH NAILS, and of course, DEPECHE MODE, the renowned John Fryer is back with another exciting project SILVER GHOST SHIMMER. This time he embarks on another musical journey, accompanied by Pinky Turzo, who lends her vocals on this eclectic collection with a perfect dose of filmic glamour and class. Continue Reading ›

JOHN FRYER Interview

john fryerJOHN FRYER is the renowned producer, engineer and musician who was also a member of THIS MOTRAL COIL and worked with FAD GADGET, DEPECHE MODE, YAZOO, COCTEAU TWINS, MODERN ENGLISH, SWANS and NINE INCH NAILS. Fryer will be making appearance at ‘A Secret Wish’ on SUNDAY 19TH APRIL 2015 in London with a special DJ set that will cover the range of his work for 4AD and Mute. The line-up will also feature live sets from SISTA MANNEN PÅ JORDEN and VILE ELECTRODES. JOHN FRYER kindly chatted to The Electricity Club about his varied career and what he may have in store for his DJ set at ‘A Secret Wish’. Continue Reading ›