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A Beginner’s Guide To ARTHUR BAKER

Boston-born Arthur Baker began as a DJ, but aspired to be a producer following taking an engineering course at Intermedia Studios. But his breakthrough as a producer came after he moved to New York in 1981 with ‘Planet Rock’. With such a varied career, The Electricity Club presents a Beginner’s Guide to Arthur Baker featuring 18 tracks that cover the breadth of his influential music portfolio. Continue Reading ›

A Beginner’s Guide To TREVOR HORN

TREVOR HORNTrevor Horn is a producer who can be said to have shaped modern pop music. In 1981, Horn started a run of producing and co-writing four singles for pop duo DOLLAR; this attracted the attention of NME journalist Paul Morley and they would later establish the ZTT label Listing some of his more interesting adventures in modern recording, The Electricity Club chooses eighteen works from Trevor Horn that fit closest to its ethos. Continue Reading ›

A Beginner’s Guide To MARTYN WARE

MartynWare2011It was June 1978 when 'Being Boiled' was issued by Fast Records. The band behind it was THE HUMAN LEAGUE; comprising of Martyn Ware, Ian Craig Marsh and Philip Oakey. And so began the illustrious career of Martyn Ware. In 1980, Ware left the band to form BEF and undertake a variety of projects, one of which was a pop group called HEAVEN 17. So what tracks would make up an imaginary twenty track double CD retrospective as an introduction to Martyn Ware’s work? Continue Reading ›

MARTYN WARE: The BEF Interview

martyn-ware-thumbThe work of BEF is to be celebrated in a live extravaganza at London’s Roundhouse this October that will feature HEAVEN 17’s ‘The Luxury Gap’ in 3-D sound on Friday 14th and a BEF concert on Saturday 15th Following his interview last year, Martyn Ware was kind enough speak to The Electricity Club again, this time about the whole BEF production concept, ‘The Luxury Gap’ and the forthcoming live weekender. Continue Reading ›