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A Beginner’s Guide To GARY NUMAN

It cannot be denied that it was GARY NUMAN who became the world's first synthesizer pop star. He won the Best Male Singer category at the 1979 British Rock and Pop Awards, the-then equivalent of the BRITs. Not a best of listing, this expanded twenty-two track Beginner’s Guide by The Electricity Club chronicles the varied musical adventures of GARY NUMAN through his own work and collaborations, with a restriction of one track per album project. Continue Reading ›

TITÁN Featuring GARY NUMAN Dark Rain

While GARY NUMAN has a much publicised new album ‘Savage’ in the works funded via Pledge Music, a number of collaborations with key figures like JOHN FOXX and JEAN-MICHEL JARRE were unleashed in 2016. But one of the best was with Mexican electro rockers TITÁN. The resultant track ‘Dark Rain’ was a brilliant slice of electronically assisted Gothic disco. Numan himself is in good form, with calls that he’s “waking like wings upon your shoulder”. Continue Reading ›