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Five Years of TEC: 25 Favourite Artist Introductions 2010 – 2014

TEC 5 years-02When The Electricity Club became reality on 13th March 2010, it was on the back of a resurgence in electronic pop music. TEC’s ‘Introducing…’ feature was a platform to showcase promising new talent within the genre and proved that electronic music had not been killed off by Britpop. So here are TEC’s 25 favourite artist introductions, listed in the chronological order that they were originally featured on the site. Continue Reading ›

Introducing TITANS

Imagine if RAMMSTEIN were reincarnated as DEPECHE MODE but without the flame throwers? TITANS' vocalist Dan Von Hoyel sounds like a lower register Dave Gahan in SOULSAVERS mode crossed with a less Teutonic Till Lindemann and his larynx has a rich body which is unusual for a sub-genre known for its shouting. Love is being belatedly thrown on one particular track ‘It’s Dark’ which first sprung in March of this year with a wonderfully creepy video directed by Fredrik Karlsson and starring Hasse Blomkvist. Continue Reading ›