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The long awaited synth collaboration between the East and West of the United States is finally here. HELIX marks the musical marriage between the Rhode Island songstress Mari Kattman and the man behind everything ASSEMBLAGE 23, Seattle-based Tom Shear. It comes as no surprise that Shear can deliver musically, it’s also not news that Kattman is a valid artist on her own, but those two twinned together provide higher levels of musical enjoyment. Continue Reading ›

A Short Conversation with ASSEMBLAGE 23

Tom Shear, working under the alias of ASSEMBLAGE 23 and as the responsible parent of his side project SURVEILLANCE, has been active in the electronica field for over 20 years. Having recently released his eighth studio opus, 'Endure', backed by a rather impressive crowdfunding, he's looking forward to coming back to the UK for some live shows. TEC is chatting to the man himself about past, present and future of ASSEMBLAGE 23. Continue Reading ›


ASSEMBLAGE23 EndureSeattle based musician Tom Shear has carved a justifiably successful career over the past 20 or so years with acclaimed releases such as ‘Compass’ and ‘Storm’. 2012’s ‘Bruise’ album saw a move towards a more mature sound. In the interim, Shear returned to a harder EBM style with the side project SURVEILLANCE, made possible via a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign. The same approach has been deployed for the latest ASSEMBLAGE 23 release ‘Endure’. Continue Reading ›

Under Surveillance: An Interview with ASSEMBLAGE 23’s Tom Shear

ASSEMBLAGE23-by-Bob-Libby02American musician Tom Shear, primarily through the vehicle of his band ASSEMBLAGE 23, has spent over a decade building a career anchored in a personal relationship with his fans. Those self same fans appreciation for his brand of harder edged electronic music was once again demonstrated in a massively successful crowd sourcing campaign for recent side project SURVEILLANCE. Shear chatted to TEC about life as a one man band, the challenges faced in his early years and the pros and cons of crowd sourcing. Continue Reading ›