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Introducing AUX ANIMAUX

Dark synthpop duo AUX ANIMAUX met in Stockholm at the end of 2015. Comprising of Ghosty on vocals, bass guitar + theremin and the classically trained Jons on synthesizers, among the brooding atmospheres lingers a gothic intrigue. This is not entirely surprising with influences such as CHROMATICS, PORTISHEAD, MASSIVE ATTACK and GOLDFRAPP. Their recently debut EP ‘Black Holes’ gathers four tracks written over a two year period in Germany, France and Sweden. Continue Reading ›


Swedish synth duo TRAIN TO SPAIN return with their most optimistic statement yet in ‘I Follow You’. The promo video for ‘I Follow You’ is a London travelogue from when the pair last visited the city to perform at REAL EXPERTS ‘Expertism For The Casual Voyeur’ album launch party in February. Despite the cold temperatures in which it was filmed, the end result suits the positive mood of the song. Continue Reading ›

Introducing SOFTWAVE

Danish duo SOFTWAVE released their first EP ‘Together Alone’ in Summer 2016. A six track collection of appealing Nordic synthpop, it includes their debut single ‘Follow You’ and the solid live favourite ‘Awake But Still Asleep’. With debut releases often being like dress rehearsals in public, SOFTWARE have learnt very quickly and a few months on, have actually managed to improve on the EP’s best number ‘On & On & On’ with a throbbing alternate reworking by Olsen. Continue Reading ›

The Electricty Club’s 30 SONGS OF 2016

Overall, 2016 was not a vintage year, but there were plenty of quality songs on offer throughout the year and a number were significantly outstanding. Rounding down to a final 30 songs is always difficult but after much deliberation and with a restriction of one song per artist moniker, here are The Electricity Club’s 30 Songs of 2016 in alphabetical order… Continue Reading ›

TRAIN TO SPAIN Believe In Love

TRAIN TO SPAIN 2016Swedish synthpoppers TRAIN TO SPAIN have recorded their best song yet in their new single ‘Believe In Love’. It develops on the promise of their debut album ‘What it’s All About’ released in 2015. Highly exuberant and featuring a poptastic four chord progression, the track is the first to feature producer Lars Netzel aka NOT LARS as a full-time member. ‘Believe In Love’ develops on the promise of their debut album ‘What It’s All About’. Continue Reading ›

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