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Trent Reznor is now (and has been for a while) in the very enviable position of having complete creative control over NINE INCH NAILS; millions of record sales and lucrative film soundtrack work have positioned the act in a situation where they can pretty much do anything they like stylistically or artistically. This element of control is evidenced over the last two years where NIN have eschewed the album format, releasing shorter clusters of tracks. Continue Reading ›

TWIN PEAKS & FRIENDS: Introducing The Weird & Wonderful Musical World of David Lynch

And so we are invited to go in; into the mysteriously twisted, sickening at times, never straightforward world of David Lynch. One likes the arts and photography, another excels in music, or vocals, few make good films, while the rest write or paint; Lynch has done it all. Meeting Angelo Badalamenti, while filming his hugely successful 'Blue Velvet', proved to be the start of a captivating musical relationship, which Lynch has proven to treasure till today. Continue Reading ›


THIS IS A TRENT REZNOR SONGThe Electricity Club has recently been gaining much enjoyment from a video which brutally satirises TRENT REZNOR and NINE INCH NAILS. ‘This is a Trent Reznor Song’ by FREDDY SCOTT hits the proverbial nail (sorry couldn’t resist it) on the head in deconstructing the various elements that make up a NIN song. What makes the song so successful is the attention to detail... Continue Reading ›

NINE INCH NAILS Live in Nottingham

NIN Pic 2With the decline in physical music sales and the pressure on artists to generate revenue from the live shows, the paying public now has much higher expectations when it comes to seeing a band live. The image of NINE INCH NAILS has shown just how much Trent Reznor cares about the visual identity of the band - with the birth of the ‘Tension’ tour in 2013, it was his intention to create a show which created a film-like experience for the audience, that “started off one-way and then musically and visually evolves to keep your attention”. Continue Reading ›

GARY NUMAN: The Splinter Interview

Photo by Keith MartinIf there is one man who has put the synthesizer on the map within popular music, it is GARY NUMAN. Under the TUBEWAY ARMY moniker, ‘Are Friends Electric?’ became many a music fan’s entry point into electronic music. GARY NUMAN’s new album ‘Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind)’ is the follow-up to 2004’s ‘Jagged’. Although 2011 saw the release of the out takes collection ‘Dead Son Rising’, ‘Splinter’ is Numan’s first full length album project for seven years. Continue Reading ›

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