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KARIN MY Interview

With ‘The Silence’, KARIN MY released the first truly great song of 2019. Swathed in beautiful synths and embroiled in wonderful melancholy, her gorgeous vocals evoked a forlorn abandonment like a Nordic Mary Hopkin. The latest in her series of acoustically derived electronic songs is the dreamy observation of ‘World From Orbit’. The Swedish chanteuse kindly spoke to The Electricity Club about the making of her singles quadrilogy and much more… Continue Reading ›

KARIN MY Time To Go + Voices In The Wall

Rusty Egan is forever going on about “young synths”, but The Electricity Club just needs artists to be good, which brings us to the Swedish songstress Karin My. Following hot on the heels of ‘The Silence’ which was the first truly great song of 2019, ‘Time To Go’ is another marvellous melancholic slice of Svenska synth with melodic points of access in the tradition of ABBA, dressed with sparkling electronics and featuring an eerie middle eight vocal ad-lib. Continue Reading ›

Introducing KARIN MY

The Electricity Club first spotted Swedish songstress Karin My singing with veteran combo TWICE A MAN on their 2015 poignant environmental catastrophe warning ‘High In The Clouds’. Meanwhile she also contributed to two covers ‘The Man in Grey’ and ‘Just A Sound In The Night’ on Cold War Night Life’s ‘Heresy: A Tribute To RATIONAL YOUTH’ compendium in 2016. But with ‘The Silence’, she releases the first truly great song of 2019. Continue Reading ›


Like Germany and the UK, Sweden has an established history in electronic music. With a melodic tradition rooted in traditional Nordic folk music and the region’s long dark nights causing bouts of melancholy, the Swedes are more than well suited to stay indoors and further the art of synthpop. So what’s so special about Sweden then? Listed chronologically from its UK perspective with a restriction of one song per moniker, here are The Electricity Club’s 25 SVENSKA SYNTH SONGS… Continue Reading ›

TWICE A MAN High In The Clouds

TWICE A MAN PresenceReleased at the back end of 2015, ‘Presence’ by Swedish veterans TWICE A MAN isthe follow-up album to 2010’s ‘Icicles’. The band, founded by Dan Söderqvist and Karl Gasleben released their debut long player ‘Music For Girls’ in 1982. TWICE A MAN have maintained a steady presence and a cult following over the years. ‘High In The Clouds’ is a marvellous epic journey in psychedelic synthesized melancholy. Continue Reading ›