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A Beginner’s Guide To DANIEL MILLER

This history of Mute Records and its esteemed founder Daniel Miller is more than well documented. He began taking an interest in synthesizers for making pop music after hearing KRAFTWERK’s ‘Autobahn’. With a vast and varied portfolio to investigate, The Electricity Club looks back at the creative career of Daniel Miller in music via eighteen of his productions and remixes, with a restriction of one track per artist moniker, presented in yearly, then alphabetical order. Continue Reading ›

Lost Albums: BERLIN BLONDES Berlin Blondes

BERLIN BLONDES were a post-punk band who formed in Glasgow during 1979.BERLIN BLONDES only ever made one self-titled album, recorded at GARY NUMAN’s Rock City Studios in Shepperton and produced by Mike Thorne. As with many acts of the more artistically inclined post-punk period, ROXY MUSIC and Berlin-era DAVID BOWIE were both key influences on BERLIN BLONDES. Continue Reading ›


Colin Newman is best known as the front man for WIRE, the genre-crossing band that put the po in post-punk. Together with Malka Spigel, Newman sometimes produces material as IMMERSION, an act with strong electronic sensibilities. After a long break, the duo have recently taken up that guise in greater earnest. Colin Newman recently spoke with The Electricity Club about IMMERSION’s activity and WIRE’s plans. They have released a new album 'Sleepless'. Continue Reading ›


GAZELLE TWIN releases her first new material since her acclaimed album ‘The Entire City’ in the Autumn of 2011. The moniker of Brighton based songstress Elizabeth Walling, that debut LP and its appendix of remixes have gained her a number of prominent admirers including JOHN FOXX and GARY NUMAN. The ‘Mammal’ EP combines three new recordings inspired by Ennio Morricone’s score for the John Carpenter horror flick ‘The Thing’ with a quartet of remixes. Continue Reading ›