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The soundtrack of The Blitz Club was provided by its resident DJ Rusty Egan and its story is more than well documented. Using Dave Rimmer’s 2003 book 'New Romantics: The Look' as an initial reference point and calling on the memories of Rusty Egan himself to verify whether he had actually played these songs in his DJ sets, here are The Electricity Club’s 25 Songs Of The Blitz Club to celebrate the flamboyant legacy of that Blitz Spirit. Continue Reading ›


electri_city2Released to coincide with ‘ELECTRI_CITY - The Düsseldorf School Of Electronic Music’, the book by Rudi Esch about the city’s music heritage, ‘ELECTRI_CITY 2’ gathers together some of the more accessible elements of Deutsche Elektronische Musik, Kosmische and Neue Deutsche Welle. A deluxe 2CD edition ‘ELECTRI_CITY 1_2’. adds the first volume that came out alongside the book. Issued by Grönland Records, think of it as a direct journey of discovery, but with the benefit of a local tour guide as well. Continue Reading ›

ELECTRI_CITY_Conference: An Interview with Rudi Esch

ELECTRI_CITY_Conference-rustyRudi Esch’s German language book ‘Electri_City – Elektronische_Musik_Aus_Düsseldorf’ documents the city’s innovative and inspiring music scene. To further celebrate Düsseldorf’s contribution to the world, Esch has unveiled the ELECTRI_CITY_Conference to be held from Thursday 29th to Saturday 31st October 2015. Those taking part will include Rusty Egan, Peter Hook and Stephen Mallinder. The Electricity Club had the pleasure of chatting to Rudi Esch about the ELECTRI_CITY_Conference. Continue Reading ›

Lost Albums: RIECHMANN Wunderbar

The story of WOLFGANG RIECHMANN is tragic and had his life not been cut short, he certainly had the potential to become a revered and respected cult musical figure like Michael Rother and Manuel Gӧttsching. RIECHMANN is the forgotten man in the Düsseldorf axis which spawned NEU! and KRAFTWERK. Indeed, he was even in a band called SPIRITS OF SOUND with Michael Rother and Wolfgang Flür. With his multi-instrumental virtuoso ability, he recorded a beautiful collection of instrumentals. Continue Reading ›