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Battery Operated Orchestra-01One of the best electronic albums of 2009 was ‘It Hertz!’ by eccentric synthpop duo KATSEN. Championed by BBC 6Music’s Steve Lamacq, despite the critical acclaim, there was however to be just one live gig supporting VILE ELECTRODES and another EP ‘Basic Pleasure Unit’ before Donna Grimaldi and Chris Blackburn called it a day. Fast forward to today and Chris Blackburn is back with his Yamaha CS01, this time with his wife Brigitte Sutherland hailing from Hobart, Tasmania in BATTERY OPERATED ORCHESTRA. Their first album ‘Incomplete Until Broken’ was released in September. Continue Reading ›


xeno&oaklanderMinimal synth duo XENO & OAKLANDER release their fourth album ‘Par Avion’ this summer and as can be fathomed from the title, it sees them in comparative holiday mode. The songs have been described by the pair as “postcards of love for a cold age — shimmering moments from the present, romantic messages from the past, and love mementos for the future”. So ‘Par Avion’ is indeed looser than XENO & OAKLANDER have ever been before. The Electricity Club spoke to the duo’s Sean McBride about how they made their new album fly. Continue Reading ›

The Electricity Club’s 30 SONGS OF 2011

Austra-Spellwork-150x150So what did The Electricity Club think was hot back in 2011? It featured a day in March when THE HUMAN LEAGUE, JOHN FOXX and DURAN DURAN all released new albums, while VILE ELECTRODES launched their debut EP. In a year when the synth pioneers were finally recognised for their valuable contribution to popular culture, here is The Electricity Club’s Top 30 songs of 2011 in alphabetical order by artist. Continue Reading ›

Introducing SOFT METALS

SOFT METALS are a snappy new duo comprising of Patricia Hall on vocals / synths and Ian Hicks on synths / drum machines / programming / sequencing. On first impression they may be considered part of the Minimal Wave, but perhaps have a more immediate sound than say XENO & OAKLANDER. Compared with other North American duos, they are maybe also a bit shinier than CRYSTAL CASTLES. But that's not to say SOFT METALS don't have much weightier influences. Continue Reading ›


JOHN FOXX & THE MATHS liveJOHN FOXX's first concert tour for several years captured the hearts of loyal electro heads and the curious alike. Featuring the album 'Interplay', his most accessible and critically acclaimed body of work since 'Metamatic', the show delivered a mechanised charm while simultaneously adding a humanic warmth. JOHN FOXX means different things to different people, so longtime followers stood side-by-side with the newly-converted. Continue Reading ›