A selection of video material:

Chi Ming Lai of The Electricity Club Chats About GARY NUMAN on The Talking Principle Interviews by Stephen Roper (2021)

ULTRAVOX Design Matters (1984)

VISAGE Fade to Grey Explained (2019)

Hitlåtens Historia – BERLIN Take My Breath Away (2016)

Vince Clarke studio tour | Waveshaper TV (2019)

The Horse That Dances To DEPECHE MODE (2011)

What The Future Sounded Like (2006)

MARTYN WARE’s Roland System 100 + Korg 700s Demonstration (2013)

DEPECHE MODE 20th Century Box (1981)

Tone Deaf with DANIEL GRAVES | Ten Commandments for New Bands (2017)

Compiled by Chi Ming Lai
Updated 15th January 2021