VIVIEN GLASS Jura Final Cover - Josh BrandaoLondon’s indie and electro scenes saw the birth of VIVIEN GLASS, a sophisticated three piece who progressed to release their first album ‘Awake, My Sleeper’ in 2013.

With added radio interest, the electro glam trio performed numerous gigs and sparked a relationship with BlitzHaus, whose own Josh Brandao has been keenly supporting the band artistically. VIVIEN GLASS’ music video for ‘Part Machine’ was selected for screenings at London’s Short Festival and ASFF. Meanwhile ‘Without Sleep’ from ‘Jura’ featured in Brandao and Kornum’s new award winning fashion film ‘Silver Girl’.

‘Jura’ has been carefully prepared and mastered by none other than Mazen Murad, the maestro behind the works of BJORK and THE ROLLING STONES, promising an exhilarating listening experience. ‘Without Sleep’ gently eases one into the magic of this production with fragile vocals over a sharp, icy synth concoction of the mysterious, unimaginable and cold, before leading into the bouncy ‘Black Magic’.

With WHITE LIES meets GARY NUMAN inspired riffs, ‘Black Magic’ is effortlessly intertwined with some sturdy bass and eloquent synth. ‘Something Running’ continues the glam electro theme, reminiscent of GOLDFRAPP or SHAKESPEARS SISTER, and along with ‘Harbour The Killer’, it’s a state of the art synth amalgamation, borrowing the snare from Germany’s AND ONE.

‘Honey Bee’ is wonderfully current, yet bringing in the nostalgia of well written songs from a by-gone era. It is superbly produced, with the feel of uncertain euphoric menace. The mood reverts to the serenity of ‘Midnight Rainbows’, which yields a passionate tranquillity and stillness, followed by the instrumental title track ‘Jura’, with more WHITE LIES guitar and Numan-esque synth.

The magnificent strings return in ‘Ursula’ with haunting vocals and proficient synth, while ‘Wolf’ enjoys a slightly more industrial, gritty feel. It is competently tangled with sophisticated vocals plus a generous dose of those familiar synthscapes. ‘Taste Of Youth’ and ‘Winter Wake’ sustain the glamorous, slightly gothic feel of the production, which is closed with ‘Blood Into Gold’; a glorious blend of spotless vocals and remarkable electronica. Away on the waves of Glass we float, awaken with freshness, poise and sheer sophistication… it’s something that’s often missing from other contemporary offerings.

VIVIEN GLASS15 Promo - Josh BrandaoWhen the Earth gets reborn from a global disaster wiping out most of human kind, VIVIEN GLASS is the music that will prevail and awake the senses.

Uncontaminated, crisp, artistically thought through and realised, it is modern electronica to be truly proud of.

VIVIEN GLASS – you have done well.

‘Jura’ is released as a CD and download

Text by Monika Izabela Goss
1st September 2015