Although South America isn’t usually the prime source of cream of electronica, there are gems, hidden in the depths of the Latin lands, and Argentina shines through with the example of COSAQUITOS EN GLOBO.

Since their first appearance in 2004, the now duo consisting of Maru Pardo Saguier (vocals) and Sebastian Cordoves (synths/programming) have distinguished themselves with a strong electro base, strengthened by the fact that Cordoves knows his technique to such extent, he actually builds his own synths.

Pardo Saguier’s strong vocals, performed over melodies often being partial to the rockier side of things, certainly add to the recipe for a solid electronic success.

‘Humanum’, the duo’s fourth album is said to hold an “organic and emotional response to an increasingly less empathic world”, and ‘Cruzando el Puente’ opens with an optimistic, airy and very synthy notion, vibrating nonchalantly around the Spanish lyrics. We are definitely dealing with an Argentinian SPECTRA PARIS here.

‘Cristal’ is minimalistically delicious, offering a hopeful approach to an otherwise, gloomy world of today, while the title track ushers symbolic sounds a la early DEPECHE MODE, wrapped up with a dance bow and elevated to gratifying sci-fi levels.

‘Loop of Love’ gathers its prisoners with sublimely ethereal vocals and capable synthscapes, before coming back to the Spanish ‘Buscando Para Encontrar’, which is an electronic ballad full of ambient sounds envisaging a concept of a search, leading into a rather upbeat ‘Raiz’.

The ‘Root’ has fabulously sprouted from the classic synth seeds, fertilised with club notions and lighthearted vocals.

‘Ansiedad’ floatingly continues the journey where a man meets the machine to achieve a “utopic fantasy” of finding the very core of humanity.

‘We Have Enough’, or quite the contrary; the listener can’t have enough of the clear voice and scrumptious synthesised power pop, bearing the resemblance to the highly charged tracks of BERLIN. After all, it’s all ‘About Love’, with cunningly placed Euro Trance elements and almost JAPAN-like vocal execution. Fancy an excellent dark dance tune? Here it is… a plenty!

‘Ver Mas Cerca’ sees closer into the core of human sensibility and the closing ‘Viaje a Traves del Tiempo’ sums up the ‘Journey Through Time’ with a synthy extravaganza of sound and vision, and the vision is of an optimistic future.

It is time this undiscovered gem got unearthed. Argentina has it going on in the synth world, and COSAQUITOS EN GLOBO have it going on in bunches.

‘Humanum’ is deliciously electronic, wonderfully melodic and wholesome. Don’t understand Spanish? It matters not: the music speaks many languages and transcends many meanings. This stuff is good.

‘Humanum’ is available as a download album from

Text by Monika Izabela Trigwell
4th September 2017