Berlin-based Argentinian duo COSAQUITOS EN GLOBO have been making music since 2004.

Reflecting more of the European heritage that is inherent in their home city of Buenos Aires, Maru Pardo Saguier (vocals) and Sebastián Cordovés (synth + programming) have been particularly creative working from their home studio in Alt Tempelhof.

Their underground electronic pop has always been strong on melody and rhythm, best exemplified by the magnificent ‘Fantasy’ from their 2005 self-titled debut.

Their Moroder-inspired template has transcended language, but while COSAQUITOS EN GLOBO have experimented with lyrics in their native Spanish and integrating guitars into their tight synthesized template, their 2017 ‘Humanum’ saw a return to English on several tracks.

Their new three song EP is called ‘Recall’ and can be seen as a younger brother of their previous EP ‘Fast Cars’ as the songs were written at the same time. However, the collection captures the current worldwide mood of fear and uncertainty, reflecting a spectrum of light and darkness as including all the greys in between.

The glistening upbeat synthpop of the ‘Recall’ title song hits home with a strong chorus driven by a bass triplet, while there is the bonus of a delightful Italo style middle eight synth break. In contrast, the darker synthwave intonations of ‘Beginnings Without End’ create some denser atmospherics that work well with Saguier’s intense anguish.

With a fabulously catchy bassline sequence, the heartfelt ‘New Born’ is a Summer statement of rejuvenation, with a fabulous array of electronic sounds from Cordovés contained within its appealing palette which also boasts a rather tangy synth solo.

By releasing a short EP rather than just a single track, COSAQUITOS EN GLOBO have been able to add another chapter to their story, giving listeners a wider snapshot while offering encouragement to seek out more.

COSAQUITOS EN GLOBO’s Berlin residency is working well and with excellent releases recently from other artists based in the former divided city like DISCOVERY ZONE and ULTRAFLEX, there is evidence there is something in Die Spree right now which is cultivating inspiration in these strange and difficult times.

‘Recall’ is released on 9th July 2020 as a download EP via the usual digital platforms including Bandcamp at

Text by Chi Ming Lai
8th July 2020