A selection of video material:

PETER ZINOVIEFF Synth Pioneer (2016)

GFORCE SOFTWARE Bright Sparks Documentary – A Side (2021)

ULTRAVOX Design Matters (1984)

VISAGE Fade to Grey Explained (2019)

Hitlåtens Historia – BERLIN Take My Breath Away (2016)

Vince Clarke studio tour | Waveshaper TV (2019)

The Horse That Dances To DEPECHE MODE (2011)

What The Future Sounded Like (2006)

MARTYN WARE’s Roland System 100 + Korg 700s Demonstration (2013)

DEPECHE MODE 20th Century Box (1981)

Tone Deaf with DANIEL GRAVES | Ten Commandments for New Bands (2017)

Compiled by Chi Ming Lai
Updated 13th February 2021