‘Fast Idol’ is Chris Stewart’s fourth album as BLACK MARBLE and his second on Sacred Bones Records, home to THE SOFT MOON and ZOLA JESUS. Capturing the uncertainty of the future provoked by world events, Stewart pays homage to “the forgotten bedroom kids of the analogue era” such as ASYLUM PARTY, FUTURISK and OPPENHEIMER ANALYSIS. While the previous album ‘Bigger Than Life’ looked at cultural shifts in the US inspired during bus rides to his Los Angeles studio, ‘Fast Idol’ is more enclosed and inward looking, solitary even… Continue Reading ›


If Jane Birkin had been backed by minimal electronics from Serge Gainsbourg, then they probably would have sounded like XENO & OAKLANDER. Already veterans of seven albums, Liz Wendelbo and Sean McBride’s new long player 'Vi/deo' continues to expand on the duo’s multi-sensory exploration of synaesthesia, inspired by perfumes, celebrity culture and vintage technology. 'Vi/deo' exhibits hints of authentic Europeanism in the form of Italo and French disco-noir... Continue Reading ›

SEA FEVER Folding Lines

Manchester, so much to answer for… SEA FEVER are a new but seasoned quintet whose musical family trees link up through their various associations with some of the city’s best known bands such as NEW ORDER, THE SMITHS, SECTION 25 and THE FALL. Comprising of Iwan Gronow, Beth Cassidy, Tom Chapman, Phil Cunningham and Elliot Barlow, their debut album ‘Folding Lines’ is the sound of a band instinctively working together, exploring the music that has inspired each band member to merge into a new whole. Continue Reading ›

LONELADY (There Is) No Logic

Hailing from Manchester, LONELADY released her first album 'Nerve Up' on Warp Records in 2010. The nom de théâtre of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Julie Campbell, her influences include post-punk, funk and electronic pop. Recorded in a basement bunker beneath Somerset House in London and released earlier in the summer, the third LONELADY album 'Former Things' saw an increased use of drum machines, sequencers and synths. Continue Reading ›

MUSIK MUSIC MUSIQUE 2.0 1981: The Rise Of Synth Pop

1981 is the year covered by the second instalment of Cherry Red’s ‘Musik Music Musique’ series. 1980 was something of a transition year for the synth as it knocked on the door of the mainstream charts but by 1981, it was more or less let in with welcome arms. From the same team behind the ‘Close To The Noise Floor’ compendiums and the most excellent Electrical Language’ boxed set, ‘Musik Music Musique 2.0 1981 - The Rise Of Synth Pop’ presents rarities alongside hits and key album tracks Continue Reading ›

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