FERAL FIVE Interview

FERAL FIVE released their debut album 'Truth Is The New Gold' at the start of 2023 and ahead of the game, the duo employed various AI-enhancements on a number of tracks The duo chatted about how 'Truth Is The New Gold', the title song's Martyn Ware remix, the various AI developments which have been in the news recently and much more... Continue Reading ›

Lost Albums: RED FLAG Naïve Art

Comprising of brothers Mark and Chris Reynolds, although they were originally from Liverpool, RED FLAG were based in San Diego. The Reynolds had lived in many places across the globe due to their father’s work as a Naval Officer, but eventually the family settled in California. Acquiring a Roland Juno 60 synthesizer, the sibling duo were very influenced by DEPECHE MODE. Continue Reading ›


The classic CLASSIX NOUVEAUX line-up of Sal Solo, BP Hurding, Mik Sweeney and Gary Steadman reunited in 2021. Initially testing the water with a new version of ‘Inside Outside’ from ‘Night People’, the quartet have recorded 7 new songs for ‘Battle Cry’, their first brand new studio album in 40 years. Continue Reading ›

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