If you had Yoko Ono’s ‘Walking On Thin Ice’ reconfigured as a Balearic friendly electronic disco number, then that in a nutshell encapsulates ‘Tongue Tied’, the latest single by Gemma Cullingford. From the upcoming long player of the same name, to be released by Elmo Recordings in Autumn 2022, the Norwich-based Cullingford made her debut as a solo artist with ‘Let Me Speak’, one of the singles from which ‘Wide Boys’ got the remix treatment from A CERTAIN RATIO. Continue Reading ›


Numbers! METROLAND are back and they have started counting… The latest work from METROLAND is ‘4’, a rhythmic precursor to a new album acting as the first in a series of 4 singles and like ‘Enjoy The Silence - The Quad Mix’, the track has been reworked 4 times to tie together as one extended sonic adventure. Counting down 4-3-2-1, METROLAND crunched the numbers with ELECTRICITYCLUB.CO.UK… Continue Reading ›


Nika Roza Danilova, born Nicole Hummel, is the artist behind the ZOLA JESUS project. Historically Danilova would prefer to have reins over all aspects of songwriting, production and instrumentation; she would be the one constructing the finished piece. With ‘Arkhon’ however, she hit a wall of not being able to create and desperately felt she needed to bring in new blood. Continue Reading ›


In their earlier incarnation, THE HUMAN LEAGUE had a song called ‘4JG’, that JG being James Graham Ballard, the English Sci-Fi novelist best known for dystopian works such as ‘The Drowned World’, ‘The Atrocity Exhibition’, ‘Crash’ and ‘High-Rise’. ‘Concrete Island’ takes its name from the 1974 JG Ballard novel; an artistic collaboration between Jonathan Sharpe and James McKeown who make music respectively as THE HEARTWOOD INSTITUTE and HAWKSMOOR. Continue Reading ›

Vintage Synth Trumps with CIRCUIT3

With every new album comes an adventure and for Dublin-based CIRCUIT3, the rocket-propelled vehicle of Peter Fitzpatrick, his next one is in outer space. Heavily influenced by the classic era of synth before digital as well as its modern analogue variant, with that in mind, ELECTRICITYCLUB.CO.UK challenged CIRCUIT3 to a game of Vintage Synth Trumps while chatting about his latest musical journey into the galactic frontier… Continue Reading ›

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