I AM SNOW ANGEL Falling Down To The Earth EP

Brooklyn based singer / songwriter Julie Kathryn is I AM SNOW ANGEL and with the onset of motherhood, she has been in a more meditative and reflective mode of muse. The instrumental ’Elegy’ EP was released in March and showcased a more ambient side but the new EP ‘Falling Down To The Earth’ is a collection of songs of sorts and could be seen as a sequel to the ‘Mothership’ album of 2019. Continue Reading ›

Vintage Synth Trumps With MICHAEL OAKLEY

Canadian based Scottish singer / producer Michael Oakley first came to wider prominence with his debut mini-album release ‘California’ in 2017. Embraced by the synthwave community, for his debut album proper ‘Introspect’, he signed to NewRetroWave Records in 2019. Michael Oakley chatted about the making of the new soon-to-be-released ‘Odyssey’ album with ELECTRICITYCLUB.CO.UK while playing a round of Vintage Synth Trumps. Continue Reading ›


Like FM ATTACK, as one of the more accomplished figures in synthwave,  BETAMAXX explored goth and new wave on his most album ‘Lost In A Dreamworld’. The musical vehicle of Pittsburgh based Nick Morey, the first BETAMAXX long player ‘Lost Formats’ came out in 2012. However, the new record ‘Sarajevo’ is more reflective with no vocals or vocoder and an instrumental concept album inspired by the Bosnian city that hosted the 1984 Winter Olympics. Continue Reading ›

GLITBITER Glass & Steel

GLITBITER is the musical vehicle of Los Angeles-based musician and vocalist Florence Bullock. Classically trained with a love of esteemed songwriter Jimmy Webb, she describes her style as “Dreamy synthwave for the dark soul”. Having issued a promising three track EP ‘Short Stories’ in 2017, GLITBITER has taken the next step with a six song mini-album called ‘Glass & Steel’. This title is an appropriate pointer to its contents... Continue Reading ›


A veteran of Manchester’s influential post-punk movement, Eric Random has been making music for over 40 years and while he remains something of a cult figure, his curriculum vitae is impressive. Eric Random’s musical journey began as a roadie for BUZZCOCKS and with their late frontman Pete Shelley, they formed THE TILLER BOYS who opened for JOY DIVISION. Eric Random spoke about his new recently issued long player ‘No-Go’ and his refocus on electronic music over the years since his return. Continue Reading ›

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