POLYCHRON+ She’s Always Been There

POLYCHRON+ is the new electro-acoustic project by veteran Italian producer Gabriele Gai with songwriter, musician and vocalist Aurelio Menichi. To say their debut album ‘She's Always Been There’ is something a bit different and unusual would be an understatement. Not only does it mix electronically derived Mediterranean dance music with Tuscan folk and classical forms, it has an impressive cast of guests including Anna Domino, Blaine L Reininger and John Lydon,. Continue Reading ›


With the challenges of the past two years, it is perhaps unsurprising with the brooding menacing aura omnipresent in their music that BOY HARSHER have made a short horror movie and a soundtrack to go with it. Entitled ‘The Runner’ and written, produced and directed by the duo, it is a classic slasher attached to a meta-style documentary about the BOY HARSHER recording process, so think ‘Scream’ or ‘Fight Club’ but with a music studio. Continue Reading ›

THE WEEKND Less Than Zero

After 'Blinding Lights' and 'Save Your Tears', THE WEEKND have done it again and reminded the mainstream of the emotive beauty that can come from classic synthpop with 'Less Than Zero'. Taken off the new album 'Dawn FM', 'Less Than Zero' itself sounds not unlike Michael Jackson produced by Tony Mansfield. The cross of catchy hooks, glorious counter-melodies and acoustic strums are reminiscent of Mansfield's own band NEW MUSIK. Continue Reading ›

Introducing O+HER

A pact which links two subjects together in one action, one body, one vision, O+HER is the new Swedish darkwave duo comprising of Tobias Bernstrup and Erica Li Lundqvist. Tobias Bernstrup is best known for his brand of Italo Noir as exemplified by his most recent album ‘Petrichor’ while Erica Li Lundqvist is a member of enigmatic trio ABU NEIN. O+HER is much less Italo Noir, encaspulating a much more brooding and gothic presence. Continue Reading ›

Vintage Synth Trumps with MESH

In 2017, Bristol’s MESH granted access to a film crew to document the second leg of their tour of Germany in support of their seventh album ‘Looking Skyward’. Richard Silverthorn joined ELECTRICITYCLUB.CO.UK from his studio for a game of Vintage Synth Trumps and talked about the four and a half year journey to bring ‘Touring Skyward - A Tour Movie’ to their ‘Friends Like These’. Continue Reading ›

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