The project of Andreas Kubat and Sebastian Bohn, NORTHERN LITE’s 2001 single ‘Treat Me Better’ was a cult favourite on the electroclash scene, as was their remix of LADYTRON’s ‘Playgirl’. For their 14th album 'Ja', the German duo have voiced all the tracks in their own language for the first time in their 23 year history. While Andreas Kubat's haunted vocal remains, what comes with ‘Ja’ is not only a hybrid of techno, goth, punk and dance but also a catchy synthpop flavour and sardonic wit. Continue Reading ›


Fred Ventura is a legend of Italo Disco; meanwhile Paolo Gozzetti is a stalwart of Italian electronic music. Together they are ITALOCONNECTION. Their new album ‘Midnight Confessions Vol1’ is a sun-kissed eight track collection featuring a number of specials guests including French pop veteran Etienne Daho. Fred Ventura and Paolo Gozzetti spoke to ELECTRICITYCLUB.CO.UK about their latest adventure as ITALOCONNECTION and to make some midnight confessions... Continue Reading ›

PLASMIC Female Fascination

In 2018, PLASMIC had ‘Female Trouble’ but in 2021, she has found some ‘Female Fascination. Having covered the DIVINE favourite from the John Walters film of the same name in the style of the ‘Jungle Jezebel’ album, DEVO, PEACHES and CRYSTAL CASTLES fan Lauren Lusardi was visiting the UK when ‘Female Fascination’ came together as a possible idea for a song about resilience. Continue Reading ›

PISTON DAMP Making The World Great Again

PISTON DAMP are the new electronic pop duo based in Norway compromising of Jonas Groth and Truls Sønsterud. PISTON DAMP formed in 2000, but has remained as a hobby project until now. The duo’s first single ‘Something In Me’ perhaps unsurprisingly was reminiscent of the more immediate side of APOPTYGMA BERZERK. ‘Making The World Great Again’ is an ideal collection to return everyone to a mindset that while reflective, is hopeful that everything is going to be alright. Continue Reading ›


With esteemed fans such as Phil Oakey and Richard Hawley among their ranks, INTERNATIONAL TEACHERS OF POP will use their summer holidays to embark on an extensive British club tour. It is likely they will ‘Drive All Night’, so it is appropriate that their brand new single captures the anticipation of this forthcoming adventure before the quartet of Adrian Flanagan, Dean Honer, Leonore Wheatley and Katie Mason take a sabbatical. Continue Reading ›

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