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PAGE Fakta För Alla Göteborg DVD

An observer in a music documentary once stated “Oh God, from Sweden? Pop? How can that work?” But the Scandinavians are having the last laugh these days, having produced some of the best electronic pop of the last decade or more and certainly surpassing much of the derivative fare emerging from the UK and Germany, two nations who were the trailblazers but have since been left behind. One of those was acts was PAGE; the classic incarnation of Eddie Bengtsson and Marina Schiptjenko released their first single ‘Dansande Man’ in 1983 and in October 2019, they performed at Gothenburg’s Sticky Fingers venue for their first concert video presentation ‘Fakta För Alla Göteborg’. Continue Reading ›


The breathtaking new video by VILE ELECTRODES for their 2016 song ‘The Vanished Past’ highlights that despite having not released an album in five years, they are still one of the best independent synth acts in the UK. Their most recent album ‘In The Shadows Of Monuments' was a bleak affair containing just under an hour of unnerving electronica and it closed with the potent cinematic drama of ‘The Vanished Past’. Continue Reading ›

Lost Albums: ALAN VEGA Mutator

Sacred Bones Records release the lost album from Alan Vega, entitled ‘Mutator’. Vega was best known as a member of the trailblazing electronic-punk duo SUICIDE with Martin Rev who confused audiences with their lack of a drummer and would go on to influence the likes of SOFT CELL and SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIK. Vega sadly passed away in 2016 but he left a vault of previously unreleased work at his New York studio. Continue Reading ›

KANGA You & I Will Never Die

Hailing from Los Angeles, Kanga DuChamp has cultured a sound which manages to musically straddle industrial, synthwave and pop genres whilst meeting somewhere in the middle. KANGA has developed a sound which draws from a variety of themes including angst, melancholy and sexual fetishism, but shot through with an unmistakable pop sensibility. 'You & I Will Never Die' sees KANGA teaming up with producer Justin McGrath. Continue Reading ›

ADE FENTON Interview

Ade Fenton is the producer and techno DJ best known for his work with Gary Numan over the past fifteen years. As well as the albums ‘Jagged’, ‘Dead Son Rising’, ‘Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind)’ and ‘Savage (Songs From A Broken World)’, there has also been the collaborative soundtrack to the film 'From Inside'. With the release of ‘Intruder’ imminent, Ade Fenton kindly gave an in-depth interview to ELECTRICITYCLUB.CO.UK about his productions past and present for the veteran electronic pioneer. Continue Reading ›

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