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KARL BARTOS The Sound Of The Machine

Originally published in 2017, ‘Der Klang Der Maschine’ was the detailed autobiography of electronic pioneer Karl Bartos. Best known for his role in the classic line-up of KRAFTWERK with Ralf Hütter, Florian Schneider and Wolfgang Flür, ‘The Sound Of The Machine’ is the English translation written in collaboration with Katy Derbyshire. It includes extra material not included in the German edition, adding up to a hefty total of 634 pages. Born in 1952, Bartos was a happy child and his optimistic disposition is a key aspect of this book. While the bitterness that was apparent in Peter Hook’s NEW ORDER book ‘Substance’ is largely absent, ‘The Sound Of The Machine’ is also not the laugh aloud read that Stephen Morris’ two memoirs or the “sex, synths und schlagzeug” romp of Wolfgang Flür’s ‘I Was A Robot’ were. Continue Reading ›

HANNA RUA Light Up Your Dark EP

‘Light Up Your Dark’ is the debut EP from Swedish songstress Hanna Rua. Released on Aztec Records, the one-time home of BRIGHT LIGHT BRIGHT LIGHT and NINA, is the native from Östersund the next artist from the roster set for bigger things? Certainly Hanna Rua has a dreamy immediate electronic pop sound with the emphasis on the pop, but this EP also demonstrates her scope and capability using darker aesthetics. Currently based in Brighton, she launched with the deliciously uplifting debut single 'Don't Cut Your Angels'. Continue Reading ›


DAWN TO DAWN are the Canadian danceable dreampop trio comprising of Tess Roby, Adam Ohr and Patrick Lee. With their debut album ‘Postcards From The Sun To The Moon’ slated for October, the rather wonderful new single ‘Stereo’ celebrates the joy of music, especially in times of adversity. Driven by a Roland TR909, the song was written during the early 2020 lockdown. ‘Stereo’ is marvellously infectious with a promise of even better things to come. Continue Reading ›

R. MISSING New Present City

Having released some fabulously ethereal singles in the shape of 'Verónica Pass', ‘Placelessness’, ‘Saturnining’ and ‘Crimeless’ in the past 18 months, R. MISSING present the sinister beauty of ‘New Present City’. Cut from a similar cloth to ‘Crimeless’ but moving at a more forlorn pace with added teardrops, ‘New Present City’ is reminiscent of DESIRE’s recent cover of the Korean folk song ‘Haenim’. It comes with a visual accompaniment directed by Dominique Eyraud and filmed in Belgium. Continue Reading ›

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