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Introducing MINDREADER

If ACTORS were fronted by DLINA VOLNY and went to a horror flick all-nighter with BOY HARSHER, that would be a good way to describe MINDREADER. Like ACTORS, MINDREADER are from Canada, a Montreal-based quartet comprising Valerie Kirkwell, Edward Scrimger, Bryan Greenfield and Alexandre Duguay; their tagline is “Can't spell MINDREADER without dread”. Continue Reading ›


To celebrate 5 years of ‘Dollars & Cents’, KNIGHT$ will be undertaking a number of shows performing the album in full including a London date on Thursday 23rd May 2024 at The Fiddler's Elbow in Camden. Special Guests will be modern day New Romantic duo Steven Jones & Logan Sky. They got together for a chat ahead of their London show. Continue Reading ›

Lost Albums: JYL Jyl

In 1984, Berlin School legend Klaus Schulze did a co-production for the only album by Jyl, released on his label Inteam GmbH. Born in California, Jyl Porch went to Europe to work as a dancer and model, before ending up in Germany. Here she was introduced to Ingo Werner who was looking for a performance artist to collaborate with on some electronic compositions he was developing. Continue Reading ›

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