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There was a time when an album showed two very different sides of an artist. Vivacious extra-terrestrial PRIMO THE ALIEN releases a Siamese twinned collection comprising of the synth flavoured ‘Heart On The Run’ which is seen as “Side A” available on all the usual streaming platforms, while the self-explanatory ‘Rock Professor’ is “Side B” which is exclusive to purchasers of the vinyl edition; PRIMO THE ALIEN has landed... Continue Reading ›


As many take their first steps into the outside world, with the prospect of interacting with others again, anxieties that have developed over the past 15 months will no doubt linger for a while… But for Scottish Swedish duo UNIFY SEPARATE, it is time to ‘Embrace The Fear’. While the theme is relatable to lockdown, ‘Embrace The Fear’ touches on the more general existential crises that afflict many as they navigate a life crossroads. Continue Reading ›

DAS BEAT Identität EP

A product of Berlin’s 2020 lockdown, DAS BEAT comprise of German theatre actress Eddie Rabenberger and Agor Kerby from the Canadian electronic act BLUE HAWAII. With songs sung in German and English, DAS BEAT are quirkily rhythmic with an eye on the unorthodox nature of performance art, propping up a mix of Neue Deutsche Welle, Italo disco and dreamy atmospherics as they seek "to blast both boredom and boundary". Continue Reading ›

A Short Conversation with CAPITAL X

British duo CAPITAL X are back after their 2019 ‘Unlocked’ album and with signs that the world can come out to play again, they are all ‘Go!’... With themes of strength in the face of adversity and calls to action, the gritty ‘Go!’ also comes in remixes from the likes of DAME BONNET and BISSSPUREN. CAPITAL X chatted to ELECTRICITYCLUB.CO.UK about ‘Go!’ and becoming ‘Unlocked’… Continue Reading ›


A dark reality check swathed in largely improvised synths and sax, ‘Human Again’ was a fine debut long player from Jorja Chalmers released in 2019 by Italians Do It Better. Although a natural development of its predecessor, ‘Midnight Train’ added more refinement, structure, sax and vocals, as well as three cover versions of songs made famous by artists as diverse as THE DOORS, SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES and ENYA. Jorja Chalmers spoke about feeling ‘Human Again’ and taking the ‘Midnight Train’… Continue Reading ›

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