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JOON Dream Again

JOON is the artist formally known as YEWS and the musical vehicle of Maltese producer Yasmin Kuymizakis. She was involved in a car accident and while recuperating, she appreciated how precious life was and decided to make music her vocation. So the debut JOON long player 'Dream Again' arrives after a 10 year musical journey, capturing a shimmering stream of consciousness towards escape and self-fulfilment with a template of mostly angelic vocals and otherworldly auras. Continue Reading ›


The recent emergence of post-post-punk internationally have seen acts such as Canadian band ACTORS take the haunting legacy of JOY DIVISION into the 21st Century. Although primarily guitar driven, post-post-punk is often distinguished by its bed of icy synths and mutated disco rhythms. And from ACTORS comes their keyboardist Shannon Hemmett with her more synth focussed solo project LEATHERS. However, it is not completely divorced from the ACTORS family as frontman Jason Corbett acts as producer on her debut EP 'Reckless'. Continue Reading ›


Following the acclaim for his accomplished and acclaimed third album ‘Infinity Mirror’, Ryan A James returns as MAN WITHOUT COUNTRY with his latest long form release ‘Bloods, Side A’. Having become a father, James’ perspective has changed and while shoegaze may have been an element to MAN WITHOUT COUNTRY in the past, the synthwave overtures of acts across the Atlantic like COM TRUISE, FM ATTACK and BETAMAXX have caught his attention. Continue Reading ›


Filmic dreamwave duo POLYCHROME are back with a new single ‘UltraViolet’ that comes with a force of aggression not heard before compared to their 2018 self-titled debut album. The rich haze of a malfuctioning Yamaha DX7 and understated bass warbles from multi-instrumentalist Olly Price provide the backdrop for the angelic treated vocals of Vicky Harrison in a blend of ELECTRIC YOUTH, CHROMATICS and CHVRCHES. Continue Reading ›


Following her acclaimed 2019 debut album ‘Polarlichter’ which was released on Happy Robots Records and gained the support of BBC 6Music, synth earth mother Alice Hubble will issue its follow up ‘Hexentanzplatz’ this Autumn. Hexentanzplatz literally means “Witches’ Dance Floor” in German and accurately captures the mystic air of the old Saxon cult site where legend has it, ancient fertility rites were practiced and sacrifices took place. However, the second single from the album ‘My Dear Friend’ is more optimistically romantic. Continue Reading ›

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