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4 years since his ‘Dissolution’ mini-album and 5 years since the last album proper ‘Out Of Touch’, Jaakko Eino Kalevi releases a brand new double opus ‘Chaos Magic’. Inspired by his new home of Athens and the Greek word “kháos”, Jaakko Eino Kalevi has sought to find beauty in the chaotic nature of the everyday on ‘Chaos Magic’. Continue Reading ›

CURSES Presents: Next Wave Acid Punx DEUX

Berlin-based musician and DJ Luca Venezia, better known as CURSES, presents ‘Next Wave Acid Punx DEUX’, his second curated compilation exploring the darker side of club music though the decades. The first volume had been a lockdown inspired exploration of his own record collection. Featuring 49 tracks, the music is split into three distinct chapters with more than half being previously unreleased. Continue Reading ›

KNIGHT$ $auna Mu$ik EP

After a successful tour opening for DRAB MAJESTY and numerous live dates in Europe as part of BOYTRONIC as well as solo, Britalo king James Knights is back on home soil with a new EP ‘$auna Mu$ik’. Containing his first new music since ‘Boom Bang Boom!’ in 2021, the lead track is the vibrant hook-laden Eurobeat romp of ‘What Planet Did You Come From? (Baby)’. Continue Reading ›

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