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Robert Schroeder could be considered one of the forgotten heroes of the ‘classic’ era of what is now referred to as the Berlin School of electronica. Whereas contemporaries such as TANGERINE DREAM and ASHRA are constantly cited and revered, Schroeder has become somewhat of a footnote within the genre. This despite releasing a series of critically acclaimed albums between 1979 to 1982 including ‘Harmonic Ascendent’, ‘Floating Music’, ‘Mosaique’ and ‘Galaxie Cygnus-A’. Continue Reading ›


Comprising of vocalist Aidan Casserly and musician Mike Wilson, SILVER MOON captured a musical journey in synth, indie and pop about love and life on their first album ‘Empty Rooms’ released at the end of 2020. Esoteric and challenging the minds of potential listeners, an eclectic range of styles sees SILVER MOON explore anything from opera to country & western for their own technologically constructed falsetto tinged art rock. The Irish duo chatted to ELECTRICITYCLUB.CO.UK about their considered artistic ethos… Continue Reading ›

RUSTY EGAN: The Blitzed Interview

‘Blitzed’ is the new Sky Arts documentary about the colourful London club night attended by aspirational young people driven to escape, express and create. The clientele of The Blitz were planting the seeds that were to shape the eighth decade of the 20th Century. Edited down from an amusing conversation that went on for nearly 4 hours, Rusty Egan chatted about the making of the ‘Blitzed’ documentary and its accompanying soundtrack. Continue Reading ›

Oh Yeah: The Legacy Of YELLO

The illustrious career of the Swiss electronic trailblazers YELLO is being celebrated in a new lavishly packaged 4CD earbook retrospective entitled ‘YELL4O Years’. Boris Blank founded YELLO in Zurich together with Carlos Perón through a mutual love of jazz, musique concrète and tape experimentation. Dieter Meier was the son of millionaire banker with his own business interests and had a penchant for performance art. Continue Reading ›

DANZ CM The Absurdity of Human Existence

‘The Absurdity of Human Existence’ is the first album by DANZ CM, formally known as COMPUTER MAGIC. New York based Danz Johnson is the synth girl behind both vehicles with a passion for the development of the electronic music. Her most recent long playing offering ‘Danz’ released in 2018 was much darker, so a compromise adaptation of her moniker was almost inevitable to reflect her artistic maturity. Continue Reading ›

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