KITE BASE Latent Whispers

KITE BASE comprise of two bass guitars, electronics, a Tempest drum machine named Alan and the haunting vocals of Kendra Frost. KITE BASE started as a side project of SAVAGES bassist Ayşe Hassan. And now comes the debut longer player Latent Whispers'. Beginning with the wonderfully hypnotic ‘Transition’, the juxtaposition of rhythm machine and sequenced blops with rugged melodic four string inevitably recalls NEW ORDER. More Inside ›


Based out of New York State, producer, label owner and songwriter Danz Johnson is COMPUTER MAGIC. A Japanophile or "shinnichi" as the locals like to put it, Johnson actually released her first album ‘Scientific Experience’ as a Japan only release in 2012. COMPUTER MAGIC’s self-explanatory ‘Obscure But Visible’ EP released last year has been hailed as her best body of work yet and it has been given a promotional boost thanks to a fabulous video for the vibrant synthpop of ‘Been Waiting’. More Inside ›

DAILY PLANET Play Rewind Repeat

DAILY PLANET came into being when two Swedes, Jarmo Ollila and Johan Baeckström decided to form a synthpop band in 1994. Having released two noteworthy singles and a long player two years later, the band stopped. Surprisingly eighteen years on in 2014, the duo brought out an excellent comeback with 'Two'. But now DAILY PLANET are back with another surprising opus, which will turn heads and make folk reach for their dancing shoes. More Inside ›

The Other ALISON MOYET Interview

ALISON MOYET returns with a new album ‘Other’ this June while the Autumn sees her embark on a substantial world tour. Moyet’s recent single ‘Reassuring Pinches’, with its brooding synth arpeggios acts as a deliciously dark trailer. The Electricity Club were extremely pleased to be invited to speak to ALISON MOYET again and she chatted about her ‘Other’ opus and topics such as social media and being European... More Inside ›

MARNIE Strange Words & Weird Wars

Better known as the front face of LADYTRON, Helen Marnie has established herself as a solo artist with her magnificent first opus 'Crystal World', which having been recorded in Iceland, had a feel of cold and serene, yet volatile atmosphere. And now her long awaited second album 'Strange Words & Weird Wars' announces itself with the first single 'Alphabet Block' a burst of pure pop... More Inside ›

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