Dave Bessell is a musician who specialises in ambient electronica, but additionally wears several other hats; from doing session work for major bands, being part of NODE and also a solo recording act for Ian Boddy’s DiN label. Dave Bessell kindly spoke to The Electricity Club about his new album 'Inbetween' with ISHQ, previous musical projects and the importance of Bandcamp in what are extremely challenging times for those working in the arts / music industry. Continue Reading ›

CODE Ghost Ship

Seen as something of a cult classic, ‘The Architect’ by Kent based electronic quartet CODE came out in 1995 on Third Mind just as the label folded. ‘Ghost Ship’ effectively takes up where ‘The Architect’ left off but then there’s a reason. Recent requests to reissue ‘The Architect’ saw the quartet of revisiting material that had been shelved after its recording. So whether this material can be classified new or not is down to the listener; but all the material is previously unreleased, save a 2020 rework of the superb 1991 single ‘Light Years’. Continue Reading ›

Introducing PISTON DAMP

PISTON DAMP are the new electronic pop duo based in Norway compromising of Jonas Groth and Truls Sønsterud. The classically trained keyboardist / songwriter / arranger Truls Sønsterud has been playing piano since he was a child while singer/songwriter/producer Jonas Groth has been making music for more than 20 years’ experience mostly connected to his older brother Stephan and his band APOPTYGMA BERZERK. Continue Reading ›


‘The Secret Lives’ is a kosmische and electronic amalgam resulting from a couple of septuagenarians jamming with a love of jazz acting as their common base. It is the long awaited creative union of Mani Neumeier and Zeus B Held, two veterans of German music who over the decades have each established notable careers in their chosen fields. The pair took time out to speak to The Electricity Club from Stuttgart about the making of 'The Secret Lives'. Continue Reading ›

KALEIDA Interview

Having come to wider attention with their song ‘Think’ appearing on the soundtrack of the 2014 Keanu Reeves action thriller ‘John Wick’, moody electronic duo KALEIDA opened their account with a six track EP of the same name. With their second album ‘Odyssey’ having been released in the summer, KALEIDA very kindly took time out to speak to The Electricity Club about their career to date. Continue Reading ›

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