STOLEN The Loop Sin

Chinese band STOLEN had been due to open for NEW ORDER in Spring 2020 in Japan and celebrate their 10th anniversary with a national tour. But with the coronavirus crisis, these live dates were put on hold as the world went into lockdown. Following the release of their excellent breakthrough album ‘Fragment’ on MFS in Autumn 2018, produced by Mark Reeder and his regular collaborator Micha Adam, the Berlin based studio partnership have given the Sinomatic techno-rock sextet a subtle makeover with a Sinful Remix of ‘The Loop Sin’. Continue Reading ›

ROB DEAN: The Quiet Life Interview

JAPAN's third album ‘Quiet Life’ was a major step forward as a quality timeless work that all five members of the band were collectively satisfied with. front man David Sylvian adopted a more crooning baritone style of singing. With a new remaster of ‘Quiet Life’ by Miles Showell at Abbey Road and boxed set due, Rob Dean kindly spoke to The Electricity Club to give an eye witness account into the making of an album that still stands up 41 years after its UK release. Continue Reading ›


In 2017, Taylor Swift reasoned in song that 'This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things'… Sections of the Western World can be a rather spoilt, entitled and privileged bunch, priding themselves on the availability of opportunity but failing to see the bigger picture with the long term economic and social benefits of inclusion, such as universal healthcare in the US or European Union membership in the UK. With 2021 beginning with a narcissistic insurrection that has only made America grate again, artist and extra-terrestrial PRIMO THE ALIEN highlights some of those ‘Bad Things’. Continue Reading ›


FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY are a band that continues to fly the flag for Industrial / EBM music as they release their 18th studio album ‘Mechanical Soul’. The album features guest appearances from Jean-Luc De Meyer of electronic music veterans FRONT 242 and guitarist Dino Cazares from FEAR FACTORY. The turn of events of last year appear to have provided some excellent source material for the band, alluding to a very different future for the world that we live in. Continue Reading ›

Introducing LAURA DRE

Laura Dre may be a new name in synth but she is a seasoned musician and producer with years of experience playing live and working in the studio, completing a degree in Music Production at BIMM along the way. Her first single proper though is the dreamy ‘Moving Spaces’, a fine showcase for her deeper contralto vocal style influenced by Shirley Manson, PJ Harvey and Alison Goldfrapp. Texturally and structurally, the glistening song takes its lead from classic electronic pop. Continue Reading ›

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