ALEX HUSH Interview

Alex Hush is the noted dance producer best known for his work in DAYBREAKERS with Ric Scott and before that, KOISHII & HUSH with Simon Langford. His latest work has been with DAYBREAKERS and an excellent remix of ERASURE’s new single ‘Hey Now (I Think I Got A Feeling)’. The Electricity Club spoke to him about his career to date DAYBREAKERS, KOISHII & HUSH and a whole lot more... Continue Reading ›

Introducing THEO SAYERS

Compared on occasion to an electro Ian Dury and an urban Jona Lewie, Cambridge-based vocalist, producer and songwriter Theo Sayers was first spotted by The Electricity Club opening for KNIGHT$ at his 2019 Halloween gig. Although he released ‘My Nose Is A Little Runny’ in March, his latest video goes back to a highlight from his debut ‘Ado Perma’ EP that came out back in July 2019. Continue Reading ›


Deniz Çiçek and Robert Heitmann formed KRAKÓW LOVES ADANA after months of eyeing each other up at the same nightclubs in Germany. Their bond led them to make melancholic dream pop together. Recorded over two years at their home studio in Hamburg, KRAKÓW LOVES ADANA present 'Darkest Dreams'. Deniz Çiçek spoke to The Electricity Club about an album that explores the human condition’s deepest fantasies and desires. Continue Reading ›

NEW RO i o u

NEW RO is a Helsinki-based singer, songwriter and producer with a cheeky sense of humour that she often vivaciously expresses via her social media. With an approach that is melodic, rhythmic and vulnerable, NEW RO’s new body of work 'i o u' encapsulates a more dance-oriented direction, celebrating friendship and hedonism. “I wanted to emulate the feeling of hazy and euphoric nights in a great company” said NEW RO. Continue Reading ›


So what would a piece of electronic music sound like played by an orchestra? And what would a piece of orchestral music sound like performed electronically? Two musicians did an experiment to swap genres, to highlight not just the differences but also the similarities in their respected artistic forms. Composer David Bruce studied dance producer Jeremy Blake’s electronic track 'Aquamarine' to create an orchestral version performed by the Orchestra of the Swan conducted by Jason Lai. Continue Reading ›

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