The Electronic Legacy of VARIOUS ARTISTS

So come on, whose first album was a various artists compilation? As with greatest hits albums, what makes a great various artists compilation is a seamless listening experience where possible, or at least more killer than filler. So The Electricity Club takes a personal look at the electronic legacy of various artists via twenty notable compilation albums, each with valid reasons for their inclusion, presented in yearly and then alphabetical order within. Continue Reading ›


A pair of unforgiving electronic post punk twins, London-based Franco German dark synth duo WE ARE REPLICA are resilient and determined if nothing else. With a captivating live presentation that can come over like one heavy aural barrage, WE ARE REPLICA will not be an immediate proposition to some. Having released three singles ‘Africa’, ‘Angel’ and ‘Parallele Universen’ in almost as many weeks, WE ARE REPLICA kindly spoke to The Electricity Club about their own artistic brand of erotic deviance… Continue Reading ›

Lost Albums: ALISON Duality

It’s 2008 and YAZOO have reunited for a concert tour of the UK, Europe and North America. The duo of Alison Moyet and Vince Clarke only released two albums before disbanding in 1983. Meanwhile the resurgence in synthpop had seen the independent market saturated with girl/boy pairings clearly influenced by Moyet and Clarke. One of the better but lesser known of these acts was the appropriately named ALISON from Gothenburg in Sweden. Continue Reading ›


When Los Angeles and Athens are your home bases, you cannot help but have a sunnier disposition. KID MOXIE ventures to the dancefloor for her new EP ‘Love & Unity’. In collaboration with LUXXURY, the production moniker of LA based self-confessed disco fiend Blake Robin, Elena Charbila gets to showcase her dancier side. It’s party like it's 1999 as LUXXURY’s funked-up basslines and thumping beats combine with KID MOXIE’s indigenous Mediterranean moods. Continue Reading ›

The Electronic Legacy of GREATEST HITS

Not appreciating a greatest hits of an artist who you admire is the ultimate in fan snobbery, that they are in a position of being able to release one is often a symbol of wider acclaim and success.  The greatest hits compilation has its place in documenting the immediate appeal of an artist. So The Electricity Club takes a personal look at the electronic legacy of greatest hits via twenty notable artist compilation albums, each with valid reasons for their inclusion. Continue Reading ›

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