TRAIN TO SPAIN released their debut album ‘What It's All About’ in 2015 and showcased their appealing Lana Del Rey fronting YAZOO template with catchy songs like ‘Passion’. It’s been just over two years since the Swedish duo of singer Helena Wigeborn and producer Jonas Rasmusson presented their second album ‘A Journey’. The new five-track EP ‘¿Amor?’ is the first part of a digital EP trilogy to be released in six month intervals. Continue Reading ›


Them SMASHING PUMPKINS have now added a “THE” to prefix their name and surprised many with a splendid synth friendly single entitled ‘Cyr’. Not only does it have synths but ‘Cyr’ is also quite pop in an almost DURAN DURAN vein! So THE SMASHING PUMPKINS go synthpop? Well, not quite because the conventional format of guitars and drums is still there, although the hooks are very much of an electronic bent. Continue Reading ›


Behind FEMMEPOP is the Irish singer and musician Margaret O' Sullivan. She released her debut album ‘From A Girl Who Never Sleeps’ in 2014 while she followed it up with ‘Dancing With Myself’ in 2017. 2019’s ‘London’ EP surprised as an instrumental affair, but for her new single, FEMMEPOP has returned to songs but with a folk twist. Continue Reading ›

TWICE A MAN Interview

TWICE A MAN is currently a trio, composed of Dan Söderqvist, Karl Gasleben and Jocke Söderqvist. Their catalogue includes twenty-one studio albums, many of which are regularly cited as influences by other Scandinavian artists. The Electricity Club linked up remotely with TWICE A MAN at their homes in Sweden to discuss the new album, their plans, and the prospects for political change. Continue Reading ›

Introducing SCINTII

Music needs some mystery every now and then, and that comes with SCINTII, the musical vehicle of Taiwanese singer and producer Stella Chung. Comparisons are easy to make with the Beijing-born FIFI RONG as both have an exotic trip-hop influenced sound and ‘Deux’ could easily be mistaken for the Chinese YELLO collaborator with its eerie but accessible underground sound. SCINTII’s hypnotic new single 'Times New Roman' has been produced by Danny L Harle. Continue Reading ›

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