Ever since the Canadian budget household gadget firm K-Tel diversified into the territory of compilation albums with ‘25 Country Hits’ in 1966, various artists compendiums have been a major part of the music industry fabric and enthusiastically received with the opportunity to discover new artists or obtain rare material. ‘Trans-Global Excess Volume 1’ is the first compilation by Specchio Uomo, the independent label run by James Knights of SCARLET SOHO and KNIGHT$ fame. Continue Reading ›


For many years now, MARILLION have enjoyed a unique relationship with their fanbase and together they pioneered the concept of crowdfunding in music via the sponsorship of an American tour in 1996. Mark Kelly kindly took time out from recording the new MARILLION album to talk to The Electricity Club about the use of keyboard technology in the band, being crowdfunding trailblazers and the modern day streaming business model among many other topics. Continue Reading ›

Introducing LASTLINGS

LASTLINGS are a Japanese Australian sibling duo comprising of Amy and Josh Dowdle. Hailing from Gold Coast in Queensland, they released their first EP ‘Unreality’ in 2016 before following up it a year later with another EP ‘Verses’. LASTLINGS’ recently released debut album ‘First Contact’ has been a while coming, but is a well-produced technological derived pop record with an organic presence, as exemplified by one of the singles ‘Out of Touch’. Continue Reading ›

ALICE HUBBLE We Are Still Alone

‘We Are Still Alone’ by ALICE HUBBLE was one of The Electricity Club’s Songs Of 2019 and is now released in its own right as a single by Happy Robots Records. The suitably complementary video accompaniment, directed by Alicia Britt and edited by Hubley herself, beautifully uses stark shadow puppetry techniques. It was inventively realised at Britt’s home using a white bed sheet and two spotlights attached to wardrobe doors to create a shadow studio. Continue Reading ›

KARIN MY Messed!Up Magazine Live Session

Swedish chanteuse Karin My performed a superbly moving live set a secret forest location near Gothenburg as part of a series of live streams. An experienced self-taught musician, after more than a decade of doing backing vocals or playing cello for acts such as TWICE A MAN, MACHINISTA, CARBON BASED LIFEFORMS and FAKE MOSS, Karin My has finally stepped out to the front to showcase her traditionally derived electronic songs. Continue Reading ›

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