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David Cicero’s ascent into the pop charts was swift. The first signing to Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe’s Spaghetti Records imprint, his 1991 PET SHOP BOYS produced single ‘Love Is Everywhere’ reached No19 in the UK charts. The album ‘Future Boy’ followed in 1992. But after the sad passing of his manager Peter Andreas, Cicero effectively left the mainstream music industry. It was after a comeback charity concert in July 2019 in aid of MacMillan Cancer Support that Cicero started to put together his second album. Continue Reading ›

MARK REEDER Subversiv-Dekadent

‘Subversiv-Dekadent’ was the East German Secret Police classification given to Berlin-based producer and remixer Mark Reeder in his STASI file. A recognised internationalist, Mark Reeder is doing his bit again by issuing a double album named after his STASI classification of productions and remixes made by himself and his engineer Micha Adam. Celebrating his cross-border artistic ethos, where the songs have been restyled, he has added guitar, bass and synths while he has also lent his spoken voice to his own solo productions. Continue Reading ›


Denton-based NITE RISK describe themselves as two pale brunettes from the distant past. Taking the lead from the British new wave of alternative bands like THE CURE, SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES, THE SISTERS OF MERCY, THE MISSION, GENE LOVES JEZEBEL and FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM that found a huge following in unexpected quarters of the US, NITE RISK recreate that template using synthesizers and drum machines on their debut album ‘Finale’. Continue Reading ›

NORTHERN LITE Ich Fürchte Nein

Flashback to 1991 and the British BBC TV topical sketch comedy show ‘The Mary Whitehouse Experience’. Featuring young comedians David Baddiel, Rob Newman, Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis, one of the regular skits was a parody of THE CURE, with Rob Newman playing Robert Smith, performing a cheerful song or nursery rhyme in a forboding gothic rock style. In the amusing video for ‘Ich Fürchte Nein’, the new single from German electronic duo NORTHERN LITE, it looks like Hugh Dennis is in the role of Robert Smith. Continue Reading ›

KARIN MY Silence Amygdala

While Karin My has been providing backing vocals or playing cello for acts such as TWICE A MAN, CARBON BASED LIFEFORMS, FAKE MOSS and MACHINISTA over the last ten years, it was only in 2019 that she stepped out to the front to showcase her traditionally derived electronic songs with the haunting spectre of ‘The Silence’. 'Silence Amygdala' is her debut solo long player, a part concept album with a narrative based on a long-forgotten diary. Continue Reading ›

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