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LAURA DRE Moving Spaces

With a fascination for yesterday’s tomorrow, German Filipino songstress and musician Laura Dre presents her solo debut album ‘Moving Spaces’, a collection themed around the traumas of unrequited love. Her mix of modern synthpop and synthwave anthems coupled to her deep nonchalant vocals capture the rainy dystopian air of ‘Blade Runner’. While there are darker tinges compared to her contemporaries, ultimately ‘Moving Spaces’ IS a pop record and an entertaining one. Continue Reading ›


Brooklyn’s CLASS ACTRESS was originally conceived as a synth driven alternative pop trio. After the band dissolved, the now solo Harper continued using the CLASS ACTRESS moniker, issuing a mini-album 'Movies' in 2015. But since then, there has been silence. Then Elizabeth Harper surprised all by reuniting with original member Mark Richardson and releasing a new EP ‘Sense Memory’ which featured three cover versions Continue Reading ›


With their passion for Mittel Europa, Steven Jones and Logan Sky now have several EPs and four long players of their mannered pop noir to their name, the most recent of which was ‘European Lovers’. Front man Steven Jones is often inspired by his passion for international travel and the inherent history it uncovers, while Logan Sky was involved in the rebooted VISAGE which delivered the ‘Hearts & Knives’ album in 2013. Steven Jones spoke to ELECTRICITYCLUB.CO.UK, with the occasional technical interjection from Logan Sky about their love for Europe... Continue Reading ›

GARY DALY Don’t Give Up, Dummkopf!

With its striking Valentina Tereshkova adorned artwork, ‘Luna Landings’, the second solo album by CHINA CRISIS’ Gary Daly was an affectionate memory of yesterday’s tomorrow and a must for synth instrumental enthusiasts. The track ‘Dummkopf’ has been segued into the spacey moods of ‘And When Did You Give Up... And Why?’ to be given an absorbing colourful video treatment by Scott Spencer and John Brown. Continue Reading ›

KID KASIO: Interview From The Tollyoliver

'Songs From The Tollyoliver’ is the recently issued third album from KID KASIO. It comes after a period of uncertainty for mainman Nathan Cooper, once of THE MODERN. This experience has resulted in some of his most introspective work yet as KID KASIO but it hasn’t all been doom and gloom. Nathan Cooper spoke about the long gestation period for ‘Songs From The Tollyoliver’ as well as what the future holds for KID KASIO and Fiction Studios… Continue Reading ›

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