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The Electricity Club’s 30 SONGS OF 2014

wasp TECWith a less intense release schedule than last year, it was a bit more straightforward for The Electricity Club to choose its songs of 2014. Whereas 2013 had a short list of 45 songs, 2014 was closer to 35 although not the struggle to find 30 as was the case in 2012. As usual, they are listed in alphabetical order and all have been released either in physical formats, or digitally as purchasable or free downloads during the calendar year. Here are TEC’s 30 Songs of 2014. Continue Reading ›

HUGH I Can’t Figure You Out

HUGH_ART_APPROVEDAnyone who has ever seen Patrik Kittel's winning ride in the 2011 World Dressage Masters event accompanied by a soundtrack of DEPECHE MODE will know that horses and synthesizers actually can mix. So presenting some oddball equestrian electronica are leftfield quartet HUGH in the shape of their latest offering ‘I Can’t Figure You Out’. Directed by Eoin Glaister, the video to ‘I Can’t Figure You Out’ sees a courting couple in an equine stand-off that totally embraces the sentiment of the song and captures its sexual tension in a highly surreal, but imaginative way. Continue Reading ›