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DAVIDGE Interview

www.imagesbyfin.comAlthough not a household name, Neil Davidge was a pivotal part of Bristol’s MASSIVE ATTACK for nearly 15 years. This year has seen the release of his debut solo album ‘Slo Light’ which features CLAIRE TCHAIKOWSKI, CATE LE BON and the legendary SANDIE SHAW. DAVIDGE kindly spoke to The Electricity Club about his stellar musical CV and shared some fascinating ‘behind the scenes’ stories of his musical production work. Continue Reading ›

BEF Music Of Quality & Distinction Vol3 – Dark

bef_darkThe third volume in BRITISH ELECTRIC FOUNDATION’s ‘Music Of Quality & Distinction’ series has been long awaited. Subtitled ‘Dark’, it was announced back in 2007 and the majority of it was premiered at a special BEF weekend showcase at The Roundhouse in 2011. The concept of ‘Music Of Quality & Distinction Vol3 – Dark’ though is dark interpretations of perceivably upbeat songs. The chilling, stark electronics have led to Ware producing some of his most distinctly industrialised work since THE HUMAN LEAGUE. Continue Reading ›