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Five Years of TEC: 25 Favourite Artist Introductions 2010 – 2014

TEC 5 years-02When The Electricity Club became reality on 13th March 2010, it was on the back of a resurgence in electronic pop music. TEC’s ‘Introducing…’ feature was a platform to showcase promising new talent within the genre and proved that electronic music had not been killed off by Britpop. So here are TEC’s 25 favourite artist introductions, listed in the chronological order that they were originally featured on the site. Continue Reading ›

SHH Live in London

shh_bed1SHH hail from Buenos Aires and have had domestic success with their brand of sun-kissed electronic power pop. They’ve now adapted their sound with newly translated English lyrics for the prestigious Northern European electro market. Fronted by the alluring peroxide blonde Diana Huarte on vocals with Daniel Gorostegui on synths and programming, they delivered an energetic set at monthly London electro night Bedsitland to launch their new single. Continue Reading ›


COSAQUITOS EN GLOBO are the latest act from Argentina looking to make their fortune in Europe. Comprising of Maru Pardo Saguier, Sebastian Cordoves and Pablo Lewin, 'Fantasy' from their eponymous debut album is a perfect demonstration of their strong melodies based around club friendly synthetic grooves. From their 2010 album 'Moving Under', 'The System Is Running Out' is immediately impressive with its thunderous rhythms and Kling Klang synths. Continue Reading ›

SHH Interview

SHH are Diana Huarte and Daniel Gorostegui. Hailing originally from the party city of Buenos Aires, Vocalist Diana could be described as frisky blonde bombshell collision of GRACE JONES, LADY GAGA and IGGY POP. She talked to The Electricity Club recently about SHH's plans for the coming year, the fun of writing songs in two languages and her love of DEPECHE MODE. Continue Reading ›

Introducing SHH

Electro-pop is spreading its analogue wings across the globe and the next region to be falling under its spell is South America. So it is therefore appropriate that the country with the most 'European' influence, Argentina should become the leading exponent. There's already been the Anglo-Argentine duo HEARTBREAK with their 21st Century take on Italo-Disco but now we have a full-blooded beat combo in the wonderful SHH, fronted by the alluring peroxide blonde Diana Huarte Continue Reading ›