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snowangel- (1)The Adirondack Mountains in Lake Placid is at the heart of the beautifully gentle soundtrack of I AM SNOW ANGEL. The self-produced vehicle of Julie Kathryn, despite the sedate nature of her debut long player ‘Crocodile’, the mix of electronica and Americana Noir has been quietly subversive. I AM SNOW ANGEL’s template is quite distinct from most electronic based pop music. Julie Kathyrn kindly spoke to The Electricity Club about her musical world of icy landscapes and crystalline hydro basins. Continue Reading ›


i am snow angel-crocodileHot on the heels of IAMAMWHOAMI’s album ‘Blue’ comes the debut long player from I AM SNOW ANGEL. The project of Brooklyn based singer / songwriter Julie Kathryn, ‘Crocodile’ is a lush sounding affair and could easily be mistaken as a product of Scandinavia and her sisters were it not for her distinctly Trans-Atlantic drawl. Her debut EP contained enticingly understated numbers like ‘Grey White December’ and ‘Let Me Go’ but these are absent from the ‘Crocodile’ album. Continue Reading ›

Introducing I AM SNOW ANGEL

iamsnowangelThe Electricity Club heads to Lake Placid for its next new artist introduction. The location of the 1980 Winter Olympics, it is the apt that this village in the Adirondack Mountains should be at the heart of the beautifully gentle electronica of I AM SNOW ANGEL. I AM SNOW ANGEL’s self titled debut EP has been described as "an arresting mix of KATE BUSH and IMOGEN HEAP". The EP's most immediate song ‘Grey White December’ is vibrant but whispery with a strong atmospheric quality. Continue Reading ›