hyperbubble & Manda Rin

‘In The Movies’ is a colourful cartoon pop tune from Texan synth duo HYPERBUBBLE and MANDA RIN, one-third of Glaswegian indie popsters BIS.

The song is accompanied by a video directed by Jeff and Jess De Cuir of HYPERBUBBLE; the various cartoons drawn by Jeff himself also pay tribute to a number of classic Hollywood movies. How many can you identify? Warning! This video is classified F-Feline with pervasive sense of humour, synths and scenes depicting criminal activity…

HYPERBUBBLE once said “guitars are retro and sequencers are the key to the future”. Together with MANDA RIN, who sold 100,000 albums in Japan with BIS and composed the theme song to the ‘Powerpuff Girls’ cartoon, their brand new six-track EP about “females, felines and outerspace” even features their cats Akiko, Smokey and Flyboy on the closing track ‘Attack Of The 3-D Space Kittens’. With lashings of vintage reference points, HYPERBUBBLE and MANDA RIN is a quirky collection of synthesised fun.

The HYPERBUBBLE & MANDA RIN CD EP is released by Pure Pop For Now People and available via HYPERBUBBLE’s online store

It is also available worldwide as a download via Amazon.com, CDBaby, iTunes and Napster



Text by Chi Ming Lai
22nd January 2013