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Introducing …of DIAMONDS

From Norwich, it’s the band of the week! …of DIAMONDS are possibly the English Countryside’s answer to AU REVOIR SIMONE. They differ from the Brooklyn threesome in their use of organic instrumentation alongside the synthesized experiments. Augmented by Boy on Drums, they deliver hybrid electronica with three-part harmonies that can be bittersweet but not without some wry humour and fun. The end result sounds like a kooky musical workshop from a Girl Guide camping weekend. Continue Reading ›

The Electricity Club’s 30 SONGS OF 2010

goldfrapp-headfirstThe Electricity Club came into being on 15th March 2010 following the HEAVEN 17 aftershow party at Sheffield Magna. It also saw the release of a new album by OMD, their first since 1996 as well as the emergence of new acts such as VILLA NAH, MIRRORS and HURTS. In a tremendous year for all things electro, this was The Electricity Club’s Top 30 songs of 2010 in alphabetical order by artist. Continue Reading ›

AU REVOIR SIMONE Live at The Scala

Brooklyn’s AU REVOIR SIMONE are the type of sweet studious girls who you’d expect to be pouring over their latest thesis in the college library. This overt bookish intelligence only enhances what is already a terrifically understated sexy appeal that comes with their music. With the girls all taking turns at lead vocals, various bits of percussion and each other's synths, they work together well as a cohesive unit. Continue Reading ›

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