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SOLAR FAKE Another Manic Episode

solar fake_anothermanicepisodeBerlin’s SOLAR FAKE came into existence in 2007, creating an instant stir in the electronica circles, hungry for more anger and industrial laden beats. To date, they have released three albums, 'Broken Grid', 'Frontiers' and 'Reasons To Kill'. The latest 'Another Manic Episode' is described by the band themselves, as their best work to date, which immediately invites the challenge to verify the veracity of this claim. Continue Reading ›

Lost Albums: FROZEN PLASMA Monumentum

FROZEN PLASMA MomentumFROZEN PLASMA formed in 2005 and in the November of that year, the first single 'Hypocrite' was released. Most recently, the duo have enjoyed success with hugely popular 'Dekadenz'. Back in 2009, the hungry synth lovers eagerly awaited the second album, and in May that year, 'Monumentum' was finally revealed to the yearning public. The "momentum" was certainly achieved with that one; an album which still marks those glorious moments for the duo Continue Reading ›