The first video from GRIMES’ album ‘Visions’ is directed by Emily Kai Bock and sees Claire Boucher mixing with football and motocross fans at various sports arenas.

Also dropped in for good measure is footage of her with a variety of musclemen and partying frat brats.

As per the title of the song, Claire is cutely oblivious to all that is going on around her. This LYKKE LI fronting KRAFTWERK tune is sumptuously infectious while the approach to the visuals is both fresh and humourous. ‘Oblivion’ is probably the most immediate track on the ‘Visions’ album, although other tracks like ‘Genesis’ and ‘Be A Body’ explore similarly accessible synthesized avenues.

‘Visions’ is a challenging but joyful experience that will reward the determined listener looking for subtler colours in the electronic music tapestry.

‘Visions’ is released by 4AD and available in the UK from 12th March 2012

Text by Chi Ming Lai
2nd March 2012