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Robert Görl co-founded DEUTSCH AMERIKANISCHE FREUNDSCHAFT with the late Gabi Delgado after meeting at the iconic Düsseldorf punk club Ratinger Hof.

With Görl’s powerful drums and electronics alongside Delgago’s provocative snarl, DAF became the Godfathers of Electronic Body Music. They were the first act to be released in full length album form on Mute Records with ‘Die Kleinen Und Die Bösen’ in 1980. Görl and Delgado would go on to sign to Virgin Records and issue a trilogy of acclaimed albums ‘Alles Ist Gut’, ‘Gold Und Liebe’ and ‘Für Immer’ all produced by the legendary Conny Plank.

When DAF spilt for the first time in 1983, Robert Görl returned to Mute Records and recorded the cult hit ‘Mit Dir’ ahead of his debut solo album ‘Night Full of Tension’ in 1984 which featured Annie Lennox on guest vocals. While the DAF ‘Brothers’ reunited to release their only album in English ‘1st Step to Heaven’ to showcase a new electronic disco direction in 1986, the duo would be on-off affair over the next 36 years, remaining together long enough to release ‘Fünfzehn Neue DAF-Lieder’ in 2003 which saw a return to EBM, albeit driven by drum machine rather than Görl’s drumming.

After a new single ‘Sprache Der Liebe’ b/w ‘Ich Bin Nicht Da’ in 2017, there had been plans for another DAF album but the unexpected and untimely passing of Gabi Delgado in 2020 has left Görl as the sole keeper of the DAF flame. Now stepping out to the front accompanied by producer Sylvie Marks, 2021 saw the release of ‘Nur Noch Einer’ as the final DAF album constructed Görl from unused sequences written decades earlier.

Electronic culture zine Cold War Night Life will be a hosting a very special evening in London which will see welcome Robert Görl reading extracts from his autobiography ‘The Voice That Dwells’ with his co-author, Hanna Rollmann. The first official account of DAF and beyond available in English, there will also be a signing session afterwards.

Mit Robert mit liebe, he had a quick chat with ELECTRICITYCLUB.CO.UK about ‘The Voice That Dwells Within’…

How did you decide that now was the right time for an autobiography?

I just found out on Facebook that my first post about my autobiography was 9 years ago. Back then I took some time out in Thailand and wrote there. I wrote a lot on pieces of paper and it was still pretty disorganized. A few years later I spoke to Gabi Delgado about a DAF biography. Suddenly there was an inquiry and a publisher was also interested. I interrupted my work on my autobiography for this DAF biography. A few years after the publication of the DAF book, interest in my autobiography returned. I wanted Hanna Rollmann as an author, and that worked.

In what ways does ‘The Voice That Dwells Within’ differ from the ‘Das Ist DAF’ book?

The book ‘Das Ist DAF’ is a book about the DAF Story.
The book ‘The Voice That Dwells Within’ is a book about my personal story.

How was the partnership process with Hanna in writing the book?

I gave Hanna all my little paper pieces. The notes I made. And then Hanna interviewed me for a few weeks. In her writing process, she always had some more questions for me to answer.

Has Gabi’s passing made you rethink your life and artistic motivations?

I didn’t have to rethink my life. I’ve thought a lot about our long friendship. About all our ups and downs within our band process. I had no interest in looking for a Gabi replacement. I felt lonely, but I wanted to continue my lifelong project. During this time I met Sylvie Marks. She helped me with that. And I’ve been working with her ever since to continue DAF.

You had stared mortality in the face after your car accident in 1989 and you studied Buddhism afterwards. Has your faith continued to help you through all these difficult events over the last few years?

My serious car accident in 1989 threw me into my Buddha world that I value and care for very much. And that helps me in a wonderful way.

How do you look back on the recording and release of ‘Nur Noch Einer’ in tribute to Gabi?

I think it’s a very intense album. Our planned DAF album – yes, it was already planned by Gabi and me. Gabi died 6 weeks before we wanted to start recording. So I did it without Gabi. “NUR NOCH EINER” – very DAF, provocative. Co-produced by Sylvie Marks.

Photo by Krichan Wihlborg

You have been continuing the legacy of DAF with live shows, how has the reception been from fans?

I am doing DAF Shows now with Sylvie Marks. A female touch in DAF. I think Gabi likes that. And the audience like it very much, as you can see. Check it out – it’s great.

What is next for you?

New tracks and hopefully some more wonderful time on stage.

ELECTRICITYCLUB.CO.UK gives its sincerest thanks to Robert Görl

‘The Voice That Dwells Within’ with Robert Görl and Hanna Rollmann takes place at The Strongroom, Curtain Road, London EC2A 3SQ on Saturday 27 January 2024 from 19:00, the event will include a special DJ set by Sarah Blackwood – Facebook event page at

Tickets £15 in advance and £20 at the door, available now from

Text and Interview by Chi Ming Lai
12 January 2024