Refusenik duo POLYCHROME release their first new music since performing at Glastonbury’s Green Futures Field in Summer 2022.

The insistent new single is called ‘Signs’, a tale about being unable to make a decision while stuck between parallel universes. Using side-chained synths, sombre brass punches and glitchy vocal samples over a sharp rhythmic backbone, the duo of Victoria Harrison and Oliver Price provide a dystopian vibe to their Sega-Tronic Dreamwave sound.

Fittingly, the music of POLYCHROME has appeared on the soundtracks of shows such as ‘Unorthodox’, ‘All The Boys I Loved Before’ and ‘Red Oaks’. “Our chance or our design, still we wait for a sign” sings Victoria Harrison; she chatted to ELECTRICITYCLUB.CO.UK about seeing those ‘Signs’, the accompanying music video directed by Sammy Patterson and a little bit more…

POLYCHROME have been a bit quiet of late?

Tell us about it.

Small children get in the way – what can I say! I am now running a full time vocal coaching business and Olly is busy writing music for film and pop. So our own passions are whenever we can get a London studio date booked together.

But you did play the Green Futures Field at Glastonbury last Summer, how was that?

That was amazing! And at one point I just shouted down the mic – “helllllo Glastonbury” as a rush of adrenaline came over me! I did spend the first half of the festival inviting the most extravagantly dressed people to our set – turns out that doesn’t work – so I don’t recommend it. Green Futures’ staff were amazing, so thanks to them.

So what are the ‘Signs’ you are looking for?

It’s about being paralysed by a decision you have to make, and getting stuck between the parallel universes that split off from that decision. You just want a sign from the gods telling you what to do, and for atheists like us they don’t seem to provide that service…

You adopt several looks in the video, what does each one represent?

That’s a question. We decided with the director of the video that how the emotions of the character developed should also be portrayed in each look. Four characters all together representing – calm, hope, separation and comfort

What’s next for POLYCHROME?

We would love to spend some time aiming our single at music supervisors as this is how we make any income to continue our project. We recently got Final Kiss in the new Ginny and Georgia series so I’m going to hit them up first. Then we aim to release at least one more single in 2023! And play Glastonbury again if they’ll have us!

ELECTRICITYCLUB.CO.UK gives its grateful thanks to POLYCHROME

‘Signs’ is released through Hilo Lohi Records, available via

Text and Interview by Chi Ming Lai
10th March 2023