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Marc Cerrone is best known for 'Supernature’, a Top10 UK hit in 1978 which subsequently gained longevity thanks to its use as incidental music during the first series of ‘The Kenny Everett Video Show’. Its transfixing hook put Cerrone up with Giorgio Moroder in the European electronic disco stakes. Having influenced the likes of DAFT PUNK and remixed THE HUMAN LEAGUE, the diminutive French maestro returns with a new album 'DNA', his seventeenth. Continue Reading ›


night_peopleAfter Philip Oakey's sojourns with LITTLE BOOTS and PET SHOP BOYS last year, THE HUMAN LEAGUE finally are back good and proper with 'Night People', the lead track from their new album Credo which will be released early 2011. Premiered publicly by Wall Of Sound supremo Mark Jones during his brilliant DJ set at OMD's 'History Of Modern' launch party, this danceable ditty is not only very electronic but also highly contemporary too. Continue Reading ›